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SNEB 2020 Annual Conference

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Monday, July 20

Sessions & Descriptions
Keynote – George M. Briggs Science Symposium: New Expectations of Food Systems and Nutrient and Dietary RecommendationsSponsored by the SNEB Foundation (Presentation)
Growing Together: Cultivating Partnerships to Improve Access to Affordable, Nutritious and Safe Foods to Low Income Individuals (Presentation | Handout)
Preparing Nutrition Educators for the Future: Incorporating SNEB Nutrition Educator Competencies into Curriculum (Presentation) – SNEB’s Higher Education Division’s Scholarship on Teaching and Learning session.
Leveraging Research and Evaluation to Advance Effective Farm to School and Early Care Policies and PracticesL – (Presentation)

New York Covid-19 Impact on Food System (COIFS): Evaluation Rationale and Framework


2020 Vision: Focus on the Future and Food Safety Education (Presentation)

Oral Abstract Presentations

Using and Evaluating Policies, Systems, and Environmental Changes in Nutrition Education Programs

O1: Using Comprehensive Approach to implement Plan Shop Safe Cook Curriculum in A Low-income Hispanic Community, Yu Meng, PhD, University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources (UCANR) (Text)

O2: Reach of PSE Sites in Relation to Dietary Behaviors and Diet Quality among Caregivers from SNAP-Ed Eligible Households, Fred Molitor, PhD, California State University Sacramento (Text) (Presentation)

O3: Longitudinal SNAP-Ed Study of Community Coalition Characteristics in Arizona, Kathryn Orzech, PhD, University of Arizona (Text) (Presentation)

O4: Ripple Effects Mapping to Explore Sustainability for Changes in Policies, Systems and Environments, Karen Franck, PhD, University of Tennessee (Text) (Presentation)

Hot Topics in Food Insecurity Research

O5: Evaluation of a Food Insecurity Screen and Intervene Program in University Student Health Centers, Cara Cuite, PhD, Rutgers University (Text)

O6: Association of food security and access to traditional foods among American Indians and Alaska Natives, Cassandra Nikolaus, PhD, Washington State University (Text)

O7: Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Availability and Cost in SNAP-Participating Retail Stores in Mississippi: Differences by Rurality, Virginia Gray, PhD, RDN, California State University Long Beach (Text) (Presentation)

O8: Implications of social norms when measuring childhood food security in Appalachia, Frances Hardin-Fanning, PhD, RN, University of Louisville (Text) (Presentation)

Tuesday, July 21

Sessions & Descriptions
Poster Abstracts
You can read the abstracts and view the posters and videos at https://www.jneb.org/issue/S1499-4046(20)X0007-8.

P8: Successful Reintroduction of Landrace Orange Maize in Rural Malawi is Not Dependent on Understanding Nutritional Advantages, Aliza Stark PhD,RD , The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition, School of Nutritional Sciences and The International School of Agricultural Sciences (Poster)

P21: Low-income older adults’ salient beliefs regarding whole grain consumption: A qualitative approach, Seung Eun Jung PhD,RD , The University of Alabama (Poster)

P23: Do restaurants in Japan support the goals of minimizing food loss and maintaining healthy weight?, Rie Akamatsu DPH,RD, Ochanomizu Univerisity (Poster)

P29: Association of a Healthy Dietary Habit with Dietary Practices for Lifestyle Disease Prevention and with Health Awareness, Etsuko Kibayashi MS,RD Associate professor, Sonoda Women’s University (Poster)

P33: Assessment of Dietary Behaviors and Weight Status among Adolescents from Multicultural Families and Non-Multicultural Families in Korea, SuJin Song PhD , Department of Food and Nutrition (Poster)

P50: Evaluating the Utilization of School Gardens in Florida through a Teacher Survey, Michael Swain MPH, University of Florida (Text)

P51: A Self-monitoring Urinary Salt Excretion Level Measurement Device for Educating Young Women about Salt Reduction: A Parallel Randomized Trial Involving Two Groups, Kenichiro Yasutake PhD,RD , Department of Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Nutritional Sciences, Nakamura Gakuen University (Poster | Video)

P53: The potential problem of picky eating : A pilot study among university students of food and nutrition, So-Young Kim PhD , Soonchunhyang University (Poster)

P56: “We are suffering”: perceptions of adults living with HIV in Abeokuta Nigeria on their food intakes, Temitope Kayode Bello PhD,MPH,MS,BS,RDN, University of Pretoria, South Africa (Text)

P57: Coalition-Based School Gardening and Nutrition Education through SNAP-Ed, Sarah David None MBA, MM, University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service (Poster)

P72: Examining Perceptions of Obesity-related Training Opportunities and Needs for Head Start Health/Nutrition Managers, Kara Trimbach BS, Miami University (Poster | Video)

P74: A community-based intervention reduces diabetes risk in a low-income community, Jeneen Ali BS PhD Candidate, Wayne State University (Poster | Video)

P76: CUPS: A Teaching Unit Integrating Nutrition and Mathematics to Improve Primary School Children’s Portion Size Estimation, Berit Follong MS, University of Newcastle (Poster | Video)

P79: Visceral adiposity index is a better predictor of type 2 diabetes than body mass index in the Qatari population, HIba Bawadi PhD, Qatar University (Text)

P81: Development and reliability testing of a nutrition knowledge questionnaire for Australian children (the CNK-AU), Nienke de Vlieger MS, University of Newcastle (Poster)

P100: Exploring the Concept of Sustainability in Nutrition and Dietetics: Student, Academic and Practitioner Perspectives, Sarah Burkhart PhD, University of the Sunshine Coast (Poster)

P114: The potential impacts of childhood experiences of forced eating on vegetable consumption among Korean young adults, Eunju Lee EdD, Daegok Elementary School (Poster)

P115: Breastfeeding Peer Counselors, Support Mothers Can Trust, Sheilah Hebert MS,RDN IBCLC, Michigan State University (Poster)

P122: Dietary Intake, Hygiene Practices and Nutritional Status of School-Aged Children (6-12years) Living in Orphanages in Lagos State, Nigeria., Ifeoma Akeredolu PhD, Yaba College Of Technology (Text)

P132: Dietary Pattern Differences in Breakfast Between Rice-Centered and Bread-Centered Diets Among Japanese Preschoolers, Emi Yoshii MS, RD, Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences, Ochanomizu University (Poster | Video)

P137: Evaluation of Social Marketing Campaign to Improve Fruit and Vegetable Intake in SNAP-Ed Eligible Adult Georgians, 2017-2019, Edda Cotto-Rivera MPH,CHES, University of Georgia (Poster)

P141: Time to cook! Developing a conceptual framework to guide healthy eating education in time-scarce lifestyles, Suzanne Piscopo PhD R.Nutr, University of Malta (Poster | Video)

P161: Digital Workbooks to Develop and Evidence Learning in a Flipped Nutrition Classroom in Higher Education, Sarah Burkhart PhD, University of the Sunshine Coast (Poster)

Keynote: ACPP Plenary – Community, Equity and Collaboration for Policy Advocacy in Nutrition Education (Presentation | Handout)

Equity and Access: Nutrition Education and Farmers’ Market (Presentation)

Collaborating Across Food Sectors to Enact Relevant, Effective and Innovative Nutrition Education Strategies (Presentation)
The Future of Scratch Cooked School Meals (Presentation)
Promoting Food and Water Justice in California’s Central Valley
Shop With Your Eyes Open: Choosing Tools to Evaluate Your Nutrition Education Program (Presentation)
Poster Abstracts
You can read the abstracts and view the posters and videos at https://www.jneb.org/issue/S1499-4046(20)X0007-8..
P5: Understanding Farm to Early Care and Education Efforts in Colorado, Morgan McCloskey None MSPH, Colorado State University (Poster | Video)

P17: Health and Diabetes Perspectives of Mexican-Origin Males at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes (HD-MxOM): A Qualitative Study, Antonio Miranda MS,RD,LD, Texas Woman’s University (Poster | Video)

P49: Adding Parent Feeding Information to an Established Nutrition Education Program: Fidelity across 2 States, 2 Languages in a randomized control trial, Susan Baker EdD, Dept. Food Science & Human Nutrition, Colorado State University (Poster)

P52: Intervention Mapping of Maternal Self-care Practices to Facilitate Intervention Design, Savannah Hobbs None M.Ed, Colorado State University (Poster)

P68: Cooking for Salud: Assessing Clinical Health Impacts of Olivewood Gardens’ Culinary Based Lifestyle Modification Program, Callie Brust MPH,RD,CHES , Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center (Poster | Video)

P92: Controlling for Confounding Factors in a Multi-component Farmers’ Market Intervention, Stephanie Bianco MS,RD, CSU, Chico’s Center for Healthy Communities (Poster | Video)

P125: Role of Cooperative Extension in Obesity Prevention Efforts: Program Implementation, Effectiveness, and Implications, Deepa Srivastava PhD, Cooperative Extension-University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources (Poster)

P127: A Statewide Survey Of SNAP Participants: Barriers To Achieving A Healthy Diet, Jamie Benedict PhD,LD,RDN, University of Nevada, Reno (Poster | Video)

P128: Measuring the Long-Term Effectiveness of a SNAP-Ed Curriculum, Casey Coombs MS,RDN, Utah State University (Poster | Video)

P135: The SPORKS for Kids: A Preschool Nutrition Education Program to Increase Children’s Willingness to Try New Foods, Noereem Mena PhD,RDN, Colorado State University (Poster | Video)

P146: California Youth Participatory Action Research Projects Illustrates The Need For Nutrition Staff Professional Development, Cathryn Johnson MPH IBCLC, University of California, Agriculture and Nature Resources (Poster | Video)

P147: Cost-offset Community Supported Agriculture plus Nutrition Education Improves Household Food Security and Nutrition Attitudes and Self-efficacy: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Rebecca Seguin-Fowler PhD,RD CSCS, Texas A&M AgriLife Research (Text)

P148: California SNAP-Ed Direct Education and PSE Aggregation, Brian Petrie MA, Center for Wellness and Nutrition (Poster | Video)

P153: A Homeless Health and Wellness Study, Kristi Strongo BS,CHES, Utah State University (Poster | Video)

P154: Impact of Cooking Classes on Students’ Knowledge and Ability to Make Culinary Recommendations for Low-Phe Diets, Daniela Crabill BS, San José Sate University (Poster | Video)

P156: Impact of Culinary Nutrition Education on Student’s Knowledge and Ability to Make Culinary Recommendations for the DASH-Diet, Carmen Oh BS, San José State University (Poster \ Video)

P158: Implementation of an I + PSE Technical Assistance Opportunity to Reduce Childhood Obesity: A Qualitative Evaluation of Facilitators, Barriers, and Outcomes, Amy Blom BS, Colorado School of Public Health at Colorado State University (Poster | Video)

P170: Development and validation of a survey to assess diabetes knowledge and attitudes in middle school students, Tahereh Mokhtari PhD,RD, University of Utah (Poster | Video)

JNEB – Issues in Publishing (Presentation)

Oral Abstract Presentations (1 Live / 2 On-Demand)

What Food Future: Emerging Food Systems Research

09: Food Systems, Climate Change, and Food Waste: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs Among Middle School Students, Ana Mitchell, BA, Division of Nutritional Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Text)

O10: Personal Food Values in 2020: Reimagining the Food Choice Process Model Using Consumer Input from Urban New Jerseyans, Graham E. Bastian, RDN, Rutgers University, Department of Nutritional Sciences (Text)

O11: A Comprehensive Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine Program Improves Nutrition Behaviors, Rachel Massar, MPH, NYU Grossman School of Medicine (Text)

O12: Utilizing Sensory Evaluation Methodology in the Development of Plant-based Protein Entrees for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), Allie Lindke, BS, University of Georgia (Text)

The Role of the Food Environment in Aiding Healthier Choices

O13: Acceptability and Affordability of a Meal Kit Intervention for Low-Income Families, Kaley Mialki, MS, LDN, RDN, University of Florida (Text)

O14: Local Food Procurement in State Funded Institutions: Barriers, Motivators, and Future Plans, Emily English, DPH, MPS, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (Text)

O15: Can Small Stores Get Healthier with SNAP-Ed? An Outcomes Evaluation Using the STORE Tool, Laurel Jacobs, DPH, MPH, The University of Arizona (Text)

O16: Farm-to-Fork on a College Campus: Evaluating impact of free weekly meals on dietary habits and meal planning behaviors, Kendra Oo, MS, RD, LD, University of Kentucky Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition (Text)

Wednesday, July 22

Sessions & Descriptions
Poster Abstracts
You can read the abstracts and view the posters and videos at https://www.jneb.org/issue/S1499-4046(20)X0007-8.

P1: Assessing food offerings among emerging food outlets in northern Arkansas, Bryan Mader DPH,MPH,CHES, University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service (Poster)

P14: Mindful Eating Scores differ by Body Mass Index and Self-reported Health Status among College Students, Opeyemi Adewumi BS, University of Alabama (Poster | Video)

P18: The Use of Guided Reading Questions as a Scaffolding Technique in a Flipped Graduate Metabolism Class, Rachel L. Vollmer PhD,RD, Bradley University (Poster)

P19: Emotion- and Stress-related Eating is Related to Weight Status among College Students, Caroline Brantley MS,LDN,RD, University of Alabama (Poster | Video)

P24: Differences in College Students Decision Making Related to Sustainable Protein Choices, Samantha Pender None, University of Rhode Island (Poster)

P31: Associations between snack food and demographics, family meals and fruit/vegetable intake among rural 7-10 year old children, Sarah Friend MPH,RD, University of Minnesota; School of Nursing (Poster)

P32: Evaluation of Multilevel Nutrition Interventions among Urban Clients on Charitable Food Assistance, Tia Jeffery PhD,MS,LDN,CHES,RDN, University of the District of Columbia (Poster)

P35: The Relationships between Parental Food Parenting Practices & Child Eating Behavior: A Comparison between Mothers and Fathers, Rachel L. Vollmer PhD,RD, Bradley University (Poster)

P58: Healthy Eating and Staying Active as We Age Curriculum: Pilot Initial Efficacy, Camille McGuire MS, Virginia Tech (Poster)

P59: The Future of Clinical-Community Linkages – Nutrition Education Takes Root in Maine’s Underserved Communities through a Learning Partnership with SNAP-Ed, Pamela Bruno MPH, University of New England (Poster | Video)

P88: SNAP4CT.org: An Online Nutrition Education Platform for CT SNAP Recipients, Susan Furbish RDN , UConn Health (Poster)

P93: A Multi-State Evaluation of the Knowledge of the Background and Dangers of Popular Fad Diets Among Cooperative Extension Agents in Family and Consumer Sciences, Abigail McAlister LDN,RDN CHC, Louisiana Tech University (Poster)

P105: Using Theater to Explore Poverty and Food Insecurity Issues in an Undergraduate Community Nutrition Course, Margot Zaharek-Girgasky PhD,RDN CD-N, University of Saint Joseph (Poster | Video)

P106: The Family Meal Project: Assessing the Relationship between Family Priorities and Routines to their Child’s Eating Preferences, Shante Jeune MS,RDN, Florida International University (Poster | Video)

P113: Relationship between Acculturation and Diet Quality among Hispanic Adolescents, Tia Jeffery PhD,MS,LDN,CHES,RDN, University of the District of Columbia (Poster)

P121: New Perspectives on Breastfeeding: A Review of the Role of Trauma Among Mothers with a History of Child Maltreatment, Amara Channell Doig MPH, University of Maryland, School of Public Health, Department of Behavioral and Community Health (Poster)

P126: Pediatric Feeding Disorder Seminar Impacts Students’ Attitudes, Sandra Baker EdD,LDN,RDN, University of Delaware (Poster)

P143: Analyzing Costs associated with Implementation of a Nutrition Program in Early Childhood Education, Janna Martin BA,BS, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (Poster | Video)

P149: Fruit and Vegetable Consumption of Michigan Youth and Adults: Locally Implemented SNAP-Ed Programs with Aggregated Impact, Lila Gutuskey PhD, Michigan Fitness Foundation (Poster)

P152: Snacks Offered to Young, Recreational Soccer Players, Camille McGuire MS, Virginia Tech (Poster)

P157: Undergraduate Nutrition Students Develop Nutrition Counseling Skills through a Healthcare Theatre Program, Sandra Baker EdD,LDN,RDN, University of Delaware (Poster)

Keynote: Bee Marks Communication: Preparing Consumers for the New Food Future (Presentation)
Sponsored by the SNEB Foundation
Enhancing the Value of Public Spaces: Creating Healthy Communities (Presentation)
Nutrition Info at Your Fingertips (Presentation)
The Future of Food in Schools: Rounding out What’s Already Being Done in the School Cafeteria (Presentation)
Feeding Our Future, Not Landfills: Food Recovery Research Results and Success Stories from School and University Food Service (Presentation)
Innovative and Cost-effective Tech-based Solutions for Program Dissemination & Evaluation (Presentation)
Poster Abstracts
You can read the abstracts and view the posters and videos at https://www.jneb.org/issue/S1499-4046(20)X0007-8.
P11: Nutrition Insights on Dietary Preferences and Challenges from Lower SES Adults with Heart Failure, Deborah Schnur PhD,MPH , Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, University of Minnesota (Poster | Video)

P15: Self-Efficacy and Psychosocial Determinants of Obesity Prevention Behaviors in Caucasian Americans, Doreen Liou EdD,RDN , Montclair State University (Poster)

P16: Associations between Latino Fathers’ Food Involvement with Adolescents and Food Parenting Practices, Aysegul Baltaci MS , University of Minnesota (Poster | Video)

P38: Passive commuting is associated with weight status of emerging adults, Rimi Aroze BS CMPT, Department of Social and Health Services (Poster | Video)

P40: Nutrition and other wellness indicators are associated with healthy weight status in emerging adults, Rimi Afroze BS CMPT, Department of Social and Health Services, Washington State (Poster | Video)

P44: Influences of Provider Nutrition Knowledge and Self-Efficacy on Nutrition Practices and Policies of Oklahoma Family Child Care Homes, Sarah Patel BS , Dept. Nutritional Sciences, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City OK (Poster | Audio)

P46: Can a Healthy School Celebrations Teacher Toolkit change classroom food options? The Food Hero Campaign Experience, Tina Dodge Vera MPH , Oregon State University Extension Service, Family and Community Health (Poster)

P48: Identifying Nutrition Education Strategies for Refugees in Western Countries: A Scoping Review, Habiba Nur MS , Utah State University (Poster | Video)

P55: Providing Nutrition Education to Refugees: Successful Strategies and Barriers to Success In Current Programs, Jessica Gough BS , Utah State University (Poster | Video)

P64: Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program Improves Dietary Intake and Health Beliefs of At-Risk Pediatrics and Caregivers, Siew Guan Lee MS,RDN , University of Idaho Extension (Poster)

P85: The Seed to Supper Program and Its Effect On Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Among Low-Income Beginning Gardeners in New Mexico, Sally Cassady MA,MPH , New Mexico State University (Poster | Video)

P109: The Blue Zone Project: A Multi-sector Community Well-Being Initiative, Patty Case MS,RD , Oregon State University Extension Service (Poster | Video)

P111: A Content and Thematic Analysis of Lunch Shaming in the News Media, McKayla McConkie BS , Brigham Young University Department of Public Health (Poster)

P117: Household food insecurity does not predict weight-related outcomes in a low-intensity childhood obesity treatment program, Lauren Griffiths MPH , Department of Nutrition, University of Tennessee (Poster | Video)

P129: Web-Based Nutrition Education Module for Health Professions Students, Jeffrey Xia BS , School of Medicine, University of Texas Health San Antonio (Poster | Video)

P130: Nutrition Education With Seniors (NEWS)—Helping Older Adults with Limited Resources Make Informed Food Choices, Sarah Francis PhD,RD MHS, Iowa State University (Poster | Video)


P151: Eye to the Future: Developing the Next generation of Childhood Obesity Prevention Educators, Taylor Alexander BS Measurement, Quantitative Methods, and Learning Sciences Doctoral Student, University of Houston (Poster | Video)

P162: Comparative Outcome Evaluation of Three Delivery Models for a Diabetes Prevention Education Program for Older Adults, Yasaman Jamshidi-Naeini MS , Texas Tech University (Text)

P164: Rewiring Texas WIC: Informing the Development of a Chatbot to Strengthen Enrollment in Texas, Colton Scott BS , Texas State University (Poster | Audio)

P165: Physical Activity: What do Older Adults Need and Want?, Sarah Francis PhD,RD MHS, Iowa State University (Poster)

JNEB – Rapid Reviews (Presentation)
Oral Abstract Presentations (1 Live / 2 On-Demand)

Engaging Parents to Improve Child Nutrition Outcomes

O17: Healthy Fathers, Healthy Kids: Preliminary Results of a Father-Focused Childhood Obesity Prevention Pilot Program, Amy Mobley, PhD, RD, University of Florida (Text)

O19: Incorporating Behavioral Economic Strategies into Children’s Restaurant Menus to Improve Healthfulness: Parent Perceptions, Mackenzie J. Ferrante, MS,RDN, Colorado State University (Text)

O20: Changes in Children’s Nutritional Outcomes Post Participation in a Pediatric Weight Management Program for Latino Families, Kelly Garcia, BS, Global & Community Health, George Mason University (Text)

Noteworthy Evidence-based Nutrition Interventions

O21: Initial Evaluation of Louisiana’s “Small Changes/Healthy Habits” Pilot Program, Praja Adhikari, Louisiana State University (Text) (Presentation)

O23: Switching up Sides: Using Behavioral Economics on Children’s Menus to Improve Vegetable Intake, Mackenzie J. Ferrante, MS,RDN, Colorado State University (Text)

O24: Small Swaps, Big Changes: Sodium Reduction in School and Community Meals, Brett Rowland, MA, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (Text)

Thursday, July 23

Sessions & Descriptions
Poster Abstracts
You can read the abstracts and view the posters and videos at https://www.jneb.org/issue/S1499-4046(20)X0007-8.
P2: Benefits of Farmers’ Markets for Food Access: Results from a Needs Assessment in a Rural Southern County, Karen Franck PhD , University of Tennessee (Poster | Video)

P13: Social Network Analysis of Urban Church Food Pantries, Tracy Noerper PhD,LDN,RDN , Lipscomb University (Poster)

P22: Prevalence of and Characteristics Associated with Food Security Status Among International College Students, Jessica Soldavini MPH,LDN,RD , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Poster | Video)

P25: Expansion of fruit and vegetable incentives impacts people with SNAP at NYC farmers markets, Indira Debchoudhury MPH , New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (Poster)

P27: Contextual Factors Influence Childcare Providers’ Barriers for Serving Healthy Meals to Preschool Children., Saima Hasnin MS Doctoral Student, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Poster)

P28: Validation of an Observational Measure to Capture Feeding Practices in Child Care Centers, Dipti Dev PhD , University of Nebraska, Lincoln (Poster)

P42: Empower WIC Breastfeeding Experts: Use of Interactive Training Platform to Increase Staff Knowledge and Confidence in Breastfeeding Counseling, Valery Soto MS,RD , USDA-FNS (Poster)

P47: EFNEP and SNAP-Ed Programs in the Early Child Care and Education Setting: Opportunities to Impact Both Adults and Youth., Gina Wood MPH,LD,RDN , West Virginia University Extension Service (Poster)

P60: The Effectiveness of Nutrition Education: Comparing Registered Dietitian Educators and Dietetic Interns, Amy Gannon EdD,LD,RDN , Marshall University Department of Dietetics (Poster | Video)

P70: A Mixed Methods, Multilingual Evaluation of the Neighborhood Produce Market Participant Experience, Jennifer Walsh PhD,RD , James Madison University (Poster)

P73: Dietetics Experiential Learning at Diabetes Camp: Findings through Photovoice & Qualitative Analysis, Mallory Mount EdD,LD,RDN,FAND CDCES, Marshall University (Poster | Video)

P77: Development and Validation of a Tool to Assess Top Campus Health Priorities of College Students, Chelsea Allison BS , University of Tennessee (Poster | Video)

P80: The Effect of Attendance on Anthropometric Outcomes of Children Completing a Pediatric Weight Management Program for Latino Families, Evelyn Zavala BS , Global & Community Health, George Mason University (Poster | Video)

P97: Mealtime Emotional Climate and Child Health: A Systematic Review, Jasmin Smith MS , University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Poster)

P98: Student Perceptions of Food and Climate Change, Deanne Moosman MS , Virginia Military Institute (Poster | Video)

P103: Employing Social Norms to Influence Healthier Food Choices, Denise Farrell BS MSA, University of Memphis (Poster)

P136: Using the RE-AIM Framework in Formative Evaluation of the EAT Family Style Intervention, Dipti Dev PhD , University of Nebraska, Lincoln (Poster)

P145: Results of using improvised kitchen spaces to teach skills-based nutrition in schools., Amelia Huelskamp PhD , University of North Carolina, Wilmington (Poster | Video)

P155: Process Evaluation of a Sustainable Food Systems Course for First Year College Students, Chelsea Allison BS , University of Tennessee (Poster | Video)

P159: Participant Characteristics in a Community-Based Diabetes Education Program for South Asians, Nurgul Fitzgerald PhD,MS,RDN , Department of Nutritional Sciences, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (Poster)

P163: Baseline Skin Carotenoid Levels and Associations with Season, Age, Gender, and Race among Head Start Children (3-5 years) Living in Eastern North Carolina, Jocelyn Bayles BS , East Carolina University (Poster)

Business Meeting & Presidential Address

Building a Culture of Food Security in Higher Education: An Important Role for Nutrition Educators

This session is sponsored by SNEBs Higher Education Division (Presentation)

Tools of the Trade: Using NCCOR’s Measures Registry Resource Suite in the field (Presentation)
FAO’s New Approach to Schoolbased Food and Nutrition Education in LMICs (Presentation | Handout)
Food Security and Sustainability on Campus: Sustainable, Resilient, and Healthy Food and Water Systems (SFS) Dietetic Internship rotations in an academic setting (Presentation)
Research and Resources for Feeding Infants in a Child Care Setting (Presentation)
Poster Abstracts
You can read the abstracts and view the posters and videos at https://www.jneb.org/issue/S1499-4046(20)X0007-8.
P4: Recipe Sampling at Farmer’s Market: Implications on self-reported fruit and vegetable intake, dermal carotenoid scores, and intent to prepare, Tammy Stephenson PhD,FAND , University of Kentucky (Poster | Video)

P10: Blended Learning: Use of Instructional Videos in an Undergraduate Food Preparation Lab, Georgia Jones PhD , Nebraska Extension (Poster)

P12: Cooking Self-Efficacy, Perceived Health Status, and Fresh Produce Purchasing Criteria among Faculty and Staff, Georgianna Mann PhD , University of Mississippi (Poster)

P20: Effectiveness of Nutrition Interventions in Low-income Rural and Urban Retail Environments: A Systematic Literature Review, Linda Fergus MS,LDN,RD , Louisiana State University (Poster | Video)

P41: Exploring the stigma of childhood food insecurity in Appalachia, Cheryl Dean-Witt PhD RN, University of Louisville School of Nursing (Poster)

P45: Identifying Barriers and Facilitators to Implementing Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change Work in Cooperative Extension using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research, Matthew Greene LDN,RD MSPH, Louisiana State University School of Nutrition & Food Sciences (Poster)

P61: SNAP-Ed Participants Improved and Maintained Healthy Eating and Shopping Behaviors Following the 4-Week 10 Tips Intervention, Patricia Dushuttle MA , State of Maine–DHHS Office for Family Independence (Text)

P62: Impact Evaluation Results of Rethink Your Drink Nevada: A Campaign to Promote Healthful Beverage Choices Among SNAP Households, Megan Wahrenburg MS , University of Nevada, Reno (Poster | Video)

P82: Nutrition-Related Recommendations Provided by Health Care Providers Following Hypertension Diagnosis: Findings from the 2015 Kenya STEPS-Survey, Teresia Mbogori PhD,RDN , Ball State University (Poster | Video)

P99: Improved Self-efficacy and Nutrition Knowledge Among Indiana High School Teachers After Training in and Implementation of a New Nutrition Curriculum, Elizabeth Kaschalk MA , Indiana University (Poster | Video)

P110: Understanding the impact of the opening of a supermarket on a college campus on college students: a qualitative study, Basheerah Enahora MS,LDN,RDN MBA, University of North Carolina Greensboro (Poster | Video)

P112: An Investigation of Parent and Child Perceptions of Food Allergy Practices, Protocols and Policies in Schools, Virginia Girsch None , Bradley University (Poster | Video)

P116: Serving Their Needs: Nutrition Policy Implementation in the Early Care and Education Setting, Caree Cotwright PhD,LD,RDN , University of Georgia (Text)

P123: Nourishing Food Literacy, Community Health and Sense of Place in Louisville, KY, Angelique Perez MPH , The Food Literacy Project (Poster)

P124: Use of HEI-2015 to Evaluate Dietary Quality of Pregnant Women Participating in the WIC Program, Arezoo Rojhani PhD,RD , Western Michigan University (Poster | Video)

P134: Mobile Apps for Hypertension Management: Cross-sectional survey of dietitian app use in patient care, Kristen DiFilippo PhD,LDN,RDN , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Poster | Video)

P138: An exploration of nutrition education needs and barriers of uninsured clients of free clinics in western North Carolina, Erin Jameson , Appalachian State University (Poster | Video)

P142: Vegetable Intake, Preferences, and Variety in Michigan Gardeners over a Single Gardening Season, Ghaida Batarseh BS , Wayne State Unversity (Poster | Video)

P144: A Comprehensive Community Partnership Model for Improving Nutrition among SNAP-Eligible Families in Early Education Settings, Razan Sahuri MPH , University of Maryland Extension (Poster | Video)

P167: Feasibility of ASA-24 in Community-Based Settings, Hannah Wilson BS , University of Georgia (Poster | Video)

P169: Impact comparison of a poverty simulation on high school and college students’ understanding of and sensitivity toward economic hardship, Kenzie Krieger Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (Text)

Student Division: Career Panels

Oral Abstract Presentations

What’s Cooking: Meal Kits, Broccoli Acceptability Among Preschoolers, and Engaging Adolescents with Autism and Food Insecure College Students with Culinary

O25: Bodacious Broccoli: Assessing Preschool-Aged Children’s Liking and Acceptance of Broccoli in Different Cooking Forms, Erin Comollo, EdD, MEd, Rutgers University (Text) (Presentation)

O26: Feasibility and Acceptability of BALANCE (Bringing Adolescent Learners with Autism Nutrition and Culinary Education), Acadia Buro, MS, University of South Florida (Text)

O27: Family Mealtime Behaviors Among Low-Income African Americans Participating in a Healthy Meal Kit Intervention, Jamie Zeldman, BS, University of Florida (Text) (Presentation)

O28: Utilization of a Teaching Kitchen within a Nutrition Course to Reduce Food Insecurity among College Students, Susana Matias, PhD, University of California, Berkeley (Text)

Using Technology to Improve Nutrition Knowledge and Behaviors in Children and Young Adults

O29: Development of a virtual reality avatar software program to prevent obesity in children from low-income communities, Jared McGuirt, PhD, MPH, UNC Greensboro (Text)

O30: Development and preliminary testing of VitaVillage: a serious game used for nutrition education, Nienke de Vlieger, MS, University of Newcastle (Text)

O31: Evaluating Success of Paraprofessional Educators in a Pilot Adolescent Classroom Intervention: Rev It Up! Graham E. Bastian, RDN, Rutgers University, Department of Nutritional Sciences (Text)

O32: Evaluation of Short Messages on Healthy Eating for Future Use in a Social Media Text Messaging Intervention for Young Adults, Margaret Allman-Farinelli, PhD, MPH, FDAA, The University of Sydne (Text)

Friday, July 24

Poster Abstracts
You can read the abstracts and view the posters and videos at https://www.jneb.org/issue/S1499-4046(20)X0007-8.


P3: Community Opportunity in New Jersey: The Role of Food Choice, Farm Viability, and Local Economy in a Sustainable Food Future, Lauren B. Errickson MS , Rutgers University (Poster | Video)

P7: Relationship Between Sodium Consumption And Systolic And Diastolic Blood Pressure In Adults, Arpita Hazra MPH MD, Hofstra University (Poster | Video)

P9: Exploring Parental Beliefs and Practices Towards Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Intake in Young Children, Christen Cupples Cooper EdD,RDN , Pace University, College of Health Professions (Poster)

P26: Identifying Transportation Access Strategies to Advance SNAP-Ed Programming, Carrie Draper None MSW, University of South Carolina (Text)

P30: Perceptions of Online Grocery Shopping using the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Electronic Benefit Transfer Card, Shivani Gupta None DO, FAAP, Nationwide Children’s Hospital (Poster | Video)

P34: Examining skill, stress and time in food procurement and preparation in food insecure university students., Diana Cuy Castellanos PhD,LDN,RDN , University of Dayton (Poster)

P39: Culturally Adapting Nutrition Education in a Food Pantry Setting, Laura Guerra EdD,MS,CHES MBA, Teachers College, Columbia University (Poster)

P63: “Connecting all the dots”: Exposure, Access, and School Culture in SNAP-Ed nutrition education programs, Erin Cassar PhD , School District of Philadelphia (Poster | Video)

P65: Navigating food insecurity at college: Examining student experiences and perspectives on solutions, Tracey Thomas DPH CHES, James Madison University (Poster | Video)

P71: Nutrition Education with Incentive at NYC Farmers Markets May Contribute to Longer-Term Increases in Produce Consumption, Divya Prasad MPH , New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention (Poster)

P75: Successes and Challenges of Using a Peer Mentor Model for Nutrition Education within a Food Pantry: A Qualitative Study, Tracy Oliver PhD,LDN,RDN , Villanova University M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing (Poster)

P78: Low-Income Adults Enrolled in a Cost-Offset Community Supported Agriculture Intervention are not Nationally Representative, Jennifer Garner PhD,RD , The Ohio State University (Poster)

P83: A Creative Approach to Developing Branding and Marketing Materials for the NC Summer Nutrition Program, Jessica Soldavini MPH,LDN,RD , No Kid Hungry NC, Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Poster | Video)

P90: Consumer use of food labels increases as “clean label” trend continues, Nick Rose MS , University of Vermont (Poster | Video)

P95: Reliability of the Food Literacy Assessment Tool (FLAT) in Low-income Adults, Audrey Hemmer BS , University of Cincinnati (Poster | Video)

P96: Your Child is Overweight, Now What? Understanding How North Carolina Head Start Staff Communicate with Families about Childhood Obesity, Dana Shefet None , East Carolina University (Text)

P101: Comparison of Food Sources of Energy Among Adults that Skip Versus Consume Breakfast, Stephanie Fanelli MS,RDN , The Ohio State University (Poster)

P102: Development of a Stage of Change Algorithm for Environmentally-Conscious Protein Choices, Beth Carlton, The University of Rhode Island (Poster)

P104: Theory-informed Predictors of Fruit and Vegetable Intake among Cost-offset Community Supported Agriculture Enrollees, Jennifer Garner PhD,RD , The Ohio State University (Poster)

P107: Grocery Goes Online: Food Marketing in the Digital Age, Julia McCarthy None JD, Tisch Food Center (Poster | Video)

P131: Identifying SNAP Participant Experiences and Environments to Inform Tailored SNAP-Ed Programming, Carrie Draper None MSW, University of South Carolina (Text)

P140: Get the Good Stuff in NYC: Baseline Survey Findings of a Supermarket-Based Nutrition Incentive Program, Indira Debchoudhury MPH , NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (Text)

P160: Management of Obesity in Children with Asthma Using Nutrition Video Counseling, Diane Lindsay-Adler MS,RDN CDN, Boston Children’s Health Physicians (Poster)

Poster Abstracts
You can read the abstracts and view the posters and videos at https://www.jneb.org/issue/S1499-4046(20)X0007-8.


P36: Hispanic Mothers’ Barriers to Making Healthy Eating Changes within the Family, Amber Hammons PhD , California State University, Fresno (Poster)

P37: Cook it Fresh – Peer-Led Plant-Based Cooking Demos for a College Campus Community, Jeanette Andrade PhD,LDN,RDN,FAND , University of Florida (Poster | Video)

P43: Partnering with 4-H and High School Culinary Club to Provide School-Based Nutrition Education to Engage Latino Youth in Teaching Cooking Classes to Younger Youth and Adapting Healthy Eating Behaviors, Yu Meng PhD , University of California Cooperative Extension (Poster | Video)

P54: Youth CAN: Cultivating Community Change through Youth-Driven Health Initiatives, Ana Altares BS, Colorado State University (Poster | Video)

P66: The ‘Healthy’ Dining Hall: How Does Student Perception Influence Eating Behaviors and Perceived Healthiness of College Dining Halls?, Katherine Ingerson BS,RD,LD , University of Georgia (Poster)

P67: Evaluating Youth Taste Tests: How Programs Can Shape Healthy Food Preferences, Angie Keihner MS , CalFresh Healthy Living, University of California (Poster)

P69: Intent to Change Surveys: A Promising and Practical Approach for Evaluating Adult Single Session Education, Barbara MkNelly MS , CalFresh Healthy Living, University of California (Poster)

P84: Perceived Healthfulness of Environment of Low-Income Communities by Community Extension Nutrition Educators, Elder Varela MA , University of Florida (Poster)

P86: Evaluation of the Bodywise Program for Older Adults Residents of the District of Columbia, Lillie Monroe-Lord PhD,RD,LD , University of the District of Columbia (Poster)

P87: Perspectives of community residents on food access and grocery shopping practices in low-income, ethnic minority communities in Tampa, Florida: a qualitative study, Heewon Gray PhD,RD , College of Public Health, University of South Florida (Poster | Video)

P89: Grocery store observations using the CX3 tool in underserved neighborhoods in Tampa, Florida, Heewon Gray PhD,RD , College of Public Health, University of South Florida (Poster | Video)

P91: Pilot Test of Supporting Wellness at Pantries (SWAP): Clients Chose Healthier Foods after Implementation, Abiodun T. Atoloye PhD cPHN, Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, University of Connecticut (Poster | Video)

P94: Making On-Farm Food Safety Easy Using an Online Application, Naomi Stamper MS , CSU, Chico’s Center for Healthy Communities (Poster)

P108: Mood and Eating Behaviors in College Students, Padideh Lovan MS , Florida International University (Poster | Video)

P118: Campus Food Insecurity and Pantry Awareness at a Public University in South Central Florida, Whitney Fung Uy MS , University of South Florida (Poster)

P119: Examining Predictors for Diet Quality: A Needs Assessment of Rural Versus Urban Older Adults., Beverly Jackey MS,RDN , University of Maryland Extension (Poster | Video)

P120: Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Who Are Picky Eaters May Consume More Ultra-Processed Foods than Non-Picky Eaters, Acadia Buro MS , University of South Florida (Poster | Video)

P139: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Charitable Food Distribution: The Nutrition Pantry Program, Adrienne Markworth MA , Leah’s Pantry (Poster | Video)

P150: Development of an Eight-Week Early Childhood Nutrition Education Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their Parents, Whitney Van Arsdale BS , College of Public Health, University of South Florida (Poster | Video)

P168: Student Vegetable Sensory Perception Questionnaire Responses Associated with School Lunch Vegetable Consumption, Nader Hamdi BS , University of Illinois (Poster | Video)

Sessions & Descriptions
Developing Nutrition Education Resources for Diverse Audiences (Presentation)
Intuitive Eating Practices and Motivations in College Students: Perspectives From Institutions Large, Small, Public, and Private (Presentation)
Reducing Food Waste and Improving Nutrition Status: Innovative Solutions in Food Recovery Programs (Presentation)
Nutrition and Aging Services: Screening, Innovating, Collaborating and Best Practices on Evaluating their Impact (Presentation)