Call for Authors for a SNEB Position Paper on Creating a Culture that Supports Food Security and Nutrition Equity at Higher Education Institutions

July 2021

The SNEB and JNEB are pleased to send this call for authors for the SNEB position:

It is the position of the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior (SNEB) that a culture of food security and nutrition equity are essential on college campuses. Food insecurity manifests in unique ways among students attending institutions of higher education. As a result, it is important for institutional, state, and national policies and systems that influence college students to reflect such specific circumstances. Furthermore, adopting comprehensive approaches to promoting and improving food security is essential for facilitating equal and optimal scholastic achievement for all students. To do so, higher education educators and administrators should consider using a conceptual framework that employ inclusive and interdisciplinary approaches aligning with the needs of students, which vary from one higher education institution to another.

Containing extensive background information and analysis, the position paper provides a complete understanding of the issues and the reason behind the positions set forth by the organization. Position papers are expected to be well referenced and unbiased.

Potential authors will be selected by the SNEB Position Paper Subcommittee. The subcommittee will work with potential authors to create a timeline. The position paper will follow an SNEB approved policy. The final paper will receive SNEB Board approval before publication.

If interested, please send your CV along with a cover letter to the chair of the subcommittee on position papers (Dr. Karina Diaz Rios, and the editor in chief (Dr. Karen Chapman-Novakofski, by August 22 for full consideration. Please make sure to include the following elements in your cover letter:

  1. expertise and qualifications to author the position paper
  2. how or why they can represent SNEB
  3. acknowledgment that the manuscript will go through peer review via JNEB and approval by the SNEB Board of Directors;
  4. preferred co-authors, if known;
  5. SNEB membership or not;
  6. commitment to develop the position paper within an agreed timeline; and
  7. any conflicts of interest.

Call for Papers for JNEB’s Virtual Learning, Telenutrition and eHealth Interventions Themed Issue

Submissions due by March 30, 2022

JNEB content includes a focus on education and behavior strategies to effectively impart evidence-based nutrition information in the educational and clinical settings, as well as more broadly to the lay public. Increasingly, transmission of nutrition information requires utilization of technology to reach target audiences. This upcoming themed issue invites manuscripts that focus on virtual learning methods, telenutrition, and eHealth/mHealth interventions or delivery mechanisms. This call for papers will consider Research Articles, Research Briefs, Reports, Perspectives, Systematic Reviews, Research Methods, and GEMs. Research articles may include evaluation of an intervention, formative research, surveys, or qualitative investigations.

Examples of papers that would fall with this topic include: