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Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior

Health Outcomes in Food is Medicine (FiM) from Design to Evaluation: A Roadmap for Running a Successful FiM Program

June 18, 2024 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

Dive into the transformative world of Food is Medicine (FiM) in our upcoming webinar, designed to guide nutrition educators through the intricacies of launching and evaluating successful FiM programs. This session will explore the evidence-based framework underpinning FiM's impact on health outcomes, highlighting its critical role in modern preventive healthcare and disease management. Our first presenter will lay the foundation by discussing the design principles of FiM initiatives, focusing on integration into healthcare systems and addressing socioeconomic challenges. The second will delve into the application of technology, nutrition, and extension education in FiM programs, emphasizing practical strategies for implementation. Finally, the third presenter will navigate the complexities of evaluating FiM interventions, showcasing how to measure their effectiveness and adapt for greater impact. This webinar offers a comprehensive roadmap for nutrition educators keen on leading the charge in deploying Food is Medicine principles to foster healthier communities.