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About SNEB Student Membership

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The Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior (SNEB) represents the unique professional interests of nutrition educators in the United States and worldwide. SNEB is dedicated to promoting effective nutrition education and communication to support and improve healthful behaviors and has a vision of healthy communities through nutrition education and advocacy. SNEB provides forums for sharing innovative strategies for nutrition education, expressing a range of views on important scientific, pedagogic and policy issues, and disseminating research findings. Members of SNEB educate individuals, families, fellow professionals, and students, and influence policy makers about nutrition, food, and health.

What Qualifies as a SNEB Student Member?

Individuals who are registered as full-time students OR are actively working on a degree at an accredited college or university are eligible for student membership. All students must have their membership application signed by faculty member to verify student status. Enrollment in a dietetic intern program qualifies you as a student member. If you do not have a faculty advisor, please have your internship supervisor verify your membership application.

12 Student Membership Benefits

1. Become a Nutrition Educator and Researcher. Join the society that specializes in nutrition education research and practice. Learn from the best in the field.

2. Networking Events at the Annual Conference. At the Annual Conference held during the summer, multiple networking events are offered for students, young professionals, and seasoned professionals, including a mentor-mentee program and a networking “speed dating” event. The conference itself as well, is an excellent place to expand your contact network.

3. Lead: Division and  Student Committees. There are many places for you to take a leadership role. Join one of the Society’s Divisions or Student Sub-Committees.

4. Research & Practice Student Awards. The Student Research Awards recognize masters and doctoral level student research in nutrition education. The award includes a monetary prize to offset conference attendance. Winners are also recognized in the conference proceedings and during the business meeting. To be considered for the Student Research Award, indicate your intention during the abstract submission process.

5. Travel Scholarships: Annual Conference. The goal of the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior Foundation (SNEB Foundation) Student Scholarship Program is to provide financial assistance to student members of SNEB who wish to attend the SNEB Annual Conference. The Student Scholarship Program allows many national and international students the opportunity to attend the Annual Conference. The scholarship will help students offset the costs of attending the SNEB Annual Conference. Only one scholarship award will be given to each recipient. Download the 2015 Conference Scholarship application for US Students or the Application for the Robin Orr Memorial designated for international students.

6. CPE Credits and Access to Webinars. Most webinars are both free to members and count as CPE units for Registered Dietitians.

7. Subscription to Journal of Nutrition Education & Behavior. Enjoy a  subscription to the Journal of the Nutrition Education & Behavior with cutting edge research in applied nutrition.

8. Listserves and Directory – Connection to Experts. This online forums allows members and the SNEB leadership to share information on SNEB and nutrition topics. It is popular among members as a way to keep abreast of what nutrition professionals and public policy leaders are thinking, get answers to research and other work related questions, find resources, network with other nutrition professionals, obtain information about job opportunities, receive public policy updates, and feel connected to the SNEB membership.

9. Your Voice: Advisory Committee on Public Policy (ACPP). SNEB regularly participates in public policy activities as they relate to the mission and vision of the Society. By being actively involved in the conversation, SNEB can make change happen! SNEB works with candidates and members of Congress to advance SNEB’s public policy priorities and raise SNEB’s profile. As an SNEB member, you have access the weekly policy update from the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior Advisory Committee on Public Policy. ACPP helps members write letters to congressmen and meet lawmakers, and provides members with the resources and support to do so.

10. Annual Conference: Discounted Attendance. Students can attend the SNEB Annual Conference for a discounted rate every year.

11. Prorated Membership Fee. If you become a member after the SNEB calendar year (February – January), your membership fee is prorated. For a full year of membership, students pay $60.

12. Professional Development Resources & Webinars on the Student Website. Professional development resources and webinars are available on the students-only section of the website.