SNEB Annual Conference Scholarships

The Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior (SNEB) Foundation provides financial assistance to offset costs associated with attending the Annual Conference. Scholarship recipients are not required to be an SNEB member. Scholarships are awarded in the following categories:

  • Student
  • International Student
  • Undergraduate Student
  • Community-based nutrition education programs

Scholarship nominations for the 2020 Conference were due March 1.

Student Scholarships

The SNEB Foundation offers student scholarships and the Robin Orr Memorial International Student Scholarship. All of these scholarships will help students offset the costs of attending the SNEB Annual Conference. Only one scholarship award will be given to each recipient.

2019 recipients included:

  • Ana Mitchell, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Jessica Soldavini, MPH, RD, LD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Bethany Williams, MSH, University of Oklahoma, College of Allied Health
  • Hannah Kate Wilson, BS, University of Georgia
  • Israel Rios-Castillo, School of Nutrition, University of Panama, International Student Scholarship recipient 

Undergraduate Scholarships

The goal of the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior Foundation (SNEBF) Undergraduate Student Scholarship Program is to provide financial assistance to student members of SNEB who wish to attend the SNEB Annual Conference.

Community Scholarships

The goal of the SNEB Foundation Community Scholarship Program is to provide financial assistance to those who offer community-based nutrition education programs to attend the SNEB Annual Conference. Only one scholarship award will be given to each recipient. The 2019 Community Scholarship went to Whispering Roots.

Joanne Ikeda Memorial Student Scholarship

Joanne Ikeda was an internationally known nutritionist and former SNEB president who passed away in November 2018. Joanne played a huge role in the development of a new approach to weight management, Health at Every Size® (HAES), which is built on the following five principles:

  • Weight Inclusivity: Accept and respect the inherent diversity of body shapes and sizes, and reject the idealizing or pathologizing of specific weights.
  • Health Enhancement: Support health policies that improve and equalize access to information and services, and personal practices that improve human well-being, including attention to individual physical, economic, social, spiritual, emotional, and other needs.
  • Respectful Care: Acknowledge our biases, and work to end weight discrimination, weight stigma, and weight bias. Provide information and services from an understanding that socioeconomic status, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and other identities impact weight stigma, and support environments that address these inequities.
  • Eating for Well-Being: Promote flexible, individualized eating based on hunger, satiety, nutritional needs, and pleasure, rather than any externally regulated eating plan focused on weight control.
  • Life-Enhancing Movement: Support physical activities that allow people of all sizes, abilities, and interests to engage in enjoyable movement, to the degree that they choose.

Criteria for Selection

Applicants must be an SNEB Student Member. Student Members are individuals who are registered as full-time students or are actively working toward a degree at an accredited college or university or are enrolled in a dietetic intern program. Student status must be verified by having a faculty member sign the membership application. Non-members can join on this website.

Applications for this scholarship include a required essay no longer than 500 words. All essays will be rated based on the quality of response to the following two questions:

  • How is your research or work promoting the HAES principles? This can be expressed by describing work you are already doing or work you are interested in pursuing in the future.
  • How will exposure to Conference sessions help you advance your nutrition education career goals?

The student’s ability to express ideas well and convey information clearly and concisely will also be considered.

Notification & Recognition

The scholarship recipient will be chosen by June 1 and notified by the Weight Realities Division Chair. The scholarship recipient will be recognized at the Weight Realities Division's Annual Business Meeting and other Annual Conference activities/sessions, as well as in the Annual Conference Program.


The scholarship recipient will also be offered the opportunity to work with a Conference mentor. The name and contact information for the mentor will be provided by the Weight Realities Division Chair.


Following the Conference, the scholarship recipient will be required to submit a brief recap in the format of an article, video, or blog about your experience at the Conference, which will be posted on the Weight Realities Division page at

All applications for the 2020 Conference were due March 1.

External Funding Policy

The Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior (SNEB) and the SNEB Foundation (SNEBF) seek funding that supports our mission, vision, and guiding principles. In doing so, SNEB and SNEBF seek to foster an atmosphere of appreciation of the contributors as well as one of transparency to SNEB members and the public. These funds are used to enhance the work of the Society and increase benefits to members.

Read the entire policy.

Organizational Membership

  • A portion of the Organizational Membership fee is a donation to the SNEB Foundation funding student scholarships

We value the free exchange of ideas, opinions, and research that advances knowledge in nutrition and health. These ideas provide a unique forum for your organization to experience innovative strategies in nutrition education, as well as allow you to participate in expressing a range of views on important nutrition issues. We invite you to become involved in the Society and our Foundation.