Journal Club Webinar Series

Announcing the Spring 2021 Journal Club

This is the 17th Journal Club hosted by the JNEB. Based on member interest, the fall series will focus on the topic of Nutrition Education Research Methods.

Unlike past Journal Clubs which discussed research findings, this series will look at research methods – why this method was selected, how the research was designed, the strength and possible limitations of this method, the analysis and reporting the results, and lessons learned. Thank you to the SNEB Research Division for their assistance in identifying the articles from the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior that represent excellent examples of these research methods. Dr. Kristen DiFilippo, PhD, RDN, Teaching Assistant Professor, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is organizing and will moderate this series.

Webinars are free to SNEB members as a benefit of membership (log in for discount). The Spring Journal Club series is supported by Elsevier. If you are not an SNEB member use the code JNEBJCCOMP to receive free registration as their guest. Participants can receive CPEs by attending these educational webinars.

2020 Fall Series: SNEB Nutrition Educator Competencies (10 sessions)
2020 Spring Series: Telling a Research Story: Qualitative Research Design (9 sessions)

2019 Fall Series: Technology in Nutrition Education and Behavior Change (10 sessions)
2019 Spring Series: Environmental Sustainability and Food Security (10 sessions)

2018 Fall Series: Research, Evaluation and Practice: Analysis to Impact Behavior Change (8 sessions)
2018 Spring Series: Health Disparities: Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Vulnerable Populations (10 sessions)

2017 Fall Semester: Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Interventions/Programs: Study Design and Methods of Application (9 sessions)
2017 Spring Semester: Policies, Systems, and Environmental Change Initiatives/Programs to Improve Health (10 sessions)

2016 Fall Semester: Health Behaviors across the Lifespan: Education, Theory, and Policy (10 sessions)
2016 Spring Semester: Lessons Learned from Development and Implementation of Behavioral Nutrition Interventions (10 sessions)

2015 Fall Semester: Survey Design and Validation in Nutrition Education and Behavior Research (8 sessions)
2015 Spring Semester: Statistical Methodology in Nutrition Education Research (12 sessions)

2014 Fall Semester: Nutrition Environments and Shaping Behavior (12 sessions)
2014 Spring Semester: Media, Marketing and Labels (10 sessions)

2013 Fall Semester: Schools and Nutrition: Environment, Interventions and Policy (11 sessions)
2013 Spring Semester: Childhood Obesity (10 sessions)