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Online Resources You Didn’t Know You Needed

Posted by: on Thursday December 16, 2021

Everyone has their favorite online resource. Here are online resources you might find new and useful. Enjoy!


Fooddive: food industry news, analysis, trends and new product rollouts

Grocerydive: grocery news, e-commerce

Supermarket Perimeter: news about fresh groceries

Supermarket Guru: trends, news and product reviews

Smartbrief: food & beverage news

Marketing Dive: digital marketing news

Specialty Food Association: specialty food industry, grocers, e-commerce news

Trend Hunter: new product rollouts and trends around the world includes food

Tracking the plant-based protein movement: launched products and associated controversies

Tracking the cell-based meat space: developments in cell-based meats

Food timeline: pre-historic through 2013

Truth in Advertising: deceptive ads includes food


MealFinds: compare meal subscription services

Cooking ingredient substitutions: (8 pp. infographic)


RDNs review apps (Food and Nutrition magazine)

Nutrition and activity infographics (English and Spanish)

The fast food capitals of America: map fast food in your state, see the number of fast food restaurants per 100,000 people

Nutrition resources A to Z (Today’s Dietitian)

U.S. News and World Reports 2021 diet rankings: yearly ranking of diets by experts

Comparing nutrition of foods

Nutrition facts comparison tool

Compare nutrition content of 2 fast food menu items

Cornucopia Institute scorecards (yogurt, plant-based drinks, cereal)

What 100 calories of frozen treats looks like – ice cream sandwich, popsicle and more! (Consumer Reports)

What 100 calories of Halloween candy looks like (Consumer Reports)

Nut nutrition side-by-side comparison chart

Comparison of dairy and plant-based milks (2018)

Caffeine content

Caffeine content of drinks

Caffeine chart (drinks, food, O-T-C)


At Food Politics, on Fridays, Dr. Marion Nestle shares a book or report worth reading

For fun

What iconic food came out the year you were born – from 1940 to 2000