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Keeping Informed: Reliable Sources for Updates on Food News | ELLEN’S BLOG

Posted by: on Thursday June 20, 2024

Explore the most recent updates in food, nutrition, and health through our regular blog. Here, we have the latest news spanning various topics crucial to health and nutrition.

Rear view. Two men choose food in a fast food restaurant looking at a menu determining affordability of options including value meals. By Studio Romantic

Rising Food Costs and Evolving Health Concerns

Buying food continues to be a primary concern for educators and the audiences they engage with, as the cost of groceries remains a significant issue. In response, retailers are making efforts to alleviate the financial burden of food shopping, with some grocery stores actively supporting those experiencing food insecurity. However, the cost of fast food once considered an affordable option, has seen notable increases, according to recent price tracking. Restaurants, whether fast food or casual dining, are currently emphasizing value meals to attract cost-conscious customers.

In health news, the rapidly evolving situation with the H5N1 bird flu demands attention. Several government agencies are providing daily updates on weekdays, and various expert groups are continuously offering their perspectives on the developments. For reliable, up-to-date information, I rely on a group of trusted experts, and I imagine you have your own set of go-to sources for credible and current insights. Staying informed through these trusted channels is crucial as we navigate these ongoing challenges in food affordability and public health.


A new word to add to your buying food lingo – spaving

Spending more to ‘save money’ when you buy something you may not really need to get an additional discount.

Person pushing grocery cart in grocery store and spaving. 

Picture by WavebreakMediaMicro.

Albertson’s to divert surplus food to food banks and nonprofits

Uber will partner in this effort.

Volunteers packing cardboard boxes with food items.

Picture by Drazen.

It’s not just price-slashing, grocers are gearing up for summer

Expect to see new seasonal products at Target and Publix to entice customers.

Front of building with red Target sign with target symbol.

Picture by Wolterke.

Mapping fast food prices across the U.S., fast food prices – 2014 to 2024

Food prices from 5 fast food chains are compared and prices differ by location.

Fast food worker handing bag of food from building window to customer in vehicle in the drive through.
Picture by Kanpisut.

The president of McDonald’s replies

He shares that franchisees operate 95% of locations and control prices and that the very high prices for items are not the norm.

Front of building with Mcdonalds sign.

Picture by Colin Temple.

$5 fast food meal deals are everywhere!

A look at some meal deals.

Containers holding fried chicken and fries with Kentucky Fried Chicken logo on them.
Picture by SINSU1980.

H5N1 Bird flu: Where we are now

How widespread is the outbreak, how is it spreading, how is the outbreak different than last ones?

Scientist in white suit, blue rubber gloves, clear glasses, and mask examining chickens. 
Picture by Pilipphoto.

FDA updates

Detailed daily updates including state-by-state sampling data and letter to states asking to stop sales of raw milk

Sign in front of building that says "FDA U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Food and Drug Administration." 
Picture by Tada Images.

CDC Wastewater surveillance 

Flu surveillance to better understand bird H5N1 flu in people

Man scientist in a lab in a white lab coat, blue rubber gloves, and mask looking through a microscope.
Picture by ChasingMagic.

Dr. Michael Osterholm, PhD, MPH, CIDRAP Director, served on the 2018-2019 Biden administration COVID Advisory Board, served for 24 years as Director, Minnesota Dept. Of Health

The risk to humans is low and pasteurization kills the virus. (published June 6, 2024)

Individual milking a cow into a bucket.

Picture by Ake1150.

A deep dive including perspective from several experts (published May 4, 2024, updated June 10, 2024)

Scientist in white suit, purple gloves, and green mask looking at large group of ducks. 
Picture by Nelson.

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