Navigating the Food Frontier: New School Meal Standards, Trends in Consumer Choices, and the Impact of Weight Loss Drugs on Food Culture | ELLEN’S BLOG | Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior (SNEB)

Navigating the Food Frontier: New School Meal Standards, Trends in Consumer Choices, and the Impact of Weight Loss Drugs on Food Culture | ELLEN’S BLOG

Posted by: on Tuesday May 21, 2024

Explore the most recent updates in food, nutrition, and health through our regular blog. Here, we have the latest news spanning various topics crucial to health and nutrition. In today’s update, we delve into innovative perspectives on particularly relevant subjects for nutrition educators.

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Food Trends Evolve

The food environment is constantly evolving. In this post, we see some good news: new school meal standards starting July 1 will make it easier to acquire local foods, and a new trend report cites that consumers seek foods for their nutritional benefits. With regard to food prices, there is some cooling of inflated prices at this time, and food retailers are amping up their focus on lower prices/value and rolling out private labels.

Weight loss drugs continue to ripple through the food environment with regard to how many have used them, who on Medicaid are denied access, and their impact on food buying habits. Yet again, caffeinated drinks are in the news – one menu item at a fast-casual restaurant is to be dropped, likely due to lawsuits and a fast food restaurant chooses to add a caffeinated drink to the menu. In the rush to lure more customers and increase the frequency of buying, grocery subscriptions, loyalty programs, and targeting specific markets with food delivery options are all strategies that continue to be employed.


New USDA school meal standards help acquire local foods

Starting July 1, when school districts call for minimally processed or unprocessed food they can specify ‘locally grown,’ ‘locally raised,’ or ‘locally caught.’

Children holding healthy lunch trays that have been minimally processed or unprocessed food that is  ‘locally grown,’ ‘locally raised,’ or ‘locally caught.’

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The complicated status of Medicaid coverage for weight loss drugs

A 1990’s law says that Medicaid doesn’t have to pay for medicines addressed at weight gain yet 16 states do. The challenge? Cost. Yet Minnesota’s state Medicaid law requires the program to cover the drug. A recent ruling by the FDA for the use of Wegovy for CVD disease may help some but not if they are not at risk for CVD.

Ozempic Semaglutide Injection Diabetes Drug Being Used For Weight Loss. A Woman Holding an Ozempic Injection Pen in Front of Her Stomach.

Charged lemonade to be removed from menu

After more than one lawsuit about this menu item Panera has decided to drop this drink but gives no indication when this will happen.

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Whole Foods tags lower prices

Those yellow tags are touting sale prices and value purchases for shoppers.

outside of a Whole Foods Market exterior and logo. Whole Foods Market Inc. is an American supermarket chain.

And Target to cut prices too!

The cuts are in addition to Memorial Day sales. Look for the red tags.

Better nutrition is trending for food purchasing

A new trend report finds more than 3/4 of shoppers seek products to improve their personal nutrition. Fifty-five percent of current food manufacturer efforts to reformulate products are focused to meet these needs.

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Dollar General accepting supplemental health benefits for some items

Customers can use prepaid health cards to buy produce and other selected items.

Grocery loyalty programs…they’re everywhere

The thinking here: many grocers can’t compete with Walmart and Aldi’s prices but loyalty programs offer rewards which lure customers.

Woman pays with a QR code or scans her loyalty card on phone at a supermarket checkout. Concept of modern retailing technologies in supermarket

Uber Eats & Forage will be available for SNAP

Groceries are one of the fastest growing parts of Uber Eats; they will partner with Forage later this year.

Bucharest, Romania - March 15, 2020: Man delivering food with Uber Eats service, due to isolation caused by coronavirus outbreak.

Can you spot the junk fees quiz?

Of the 7 examples in this online quiz, 1 addresses food delivery fees.