Institutional Membership

What is Institutional Group Membership

Institutional Group Membership is an opportunity to provide benefits to both individuals and the institutions for which they work. With this kind of membership, individual groups of members are able to have their membership fees centrally paid for by the institution and the institution itself then gains several benefits for doing so.

The Institutional Group Membership is open to any industry, scientific or educational group. Price is scaled to size based on how many individual memberships are to be included. Those associated memberships can be any combination of professional, professional assisted, associate or student.

Institutional Group Application

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Benefits of Institutional Group Membership

  • Centralized and simplified billing for all members connected to the Institutional Group
  • Ability to update membership roster at any point in the membership year to account for new faculty or staff
  • All members of the Institutional Group gain membership which includes free registration for all live and recorded webinars, lowest rate to attend the Annual Conference, subscription to the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, participation in SNEEZE listserv, Division membership and all other benefits of membership.
  • One (1) free job posting each academic semester ($250 value for each posting - $500 total value)
  • Recognition as an Institutional Group Member in each issue of the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior (JNEB)
  • Logo and link to institution website on SNEB's website
  • Logo on signage during the Annual Conference

Cost of Institutional Group Membership

Institutional Group Memberships are available for $200 per member.

SNEB's membership year runs from February 1 to January 31 but memberships are accepted at any time. Membership dues are pro-rated throughout the membership year.

Questions about Institutional Group Membership?

If you have questions about Institutional Group Membership please contact Director of Membership Nick Estrada at