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For the inquiring mind: Exploring Fresh Ideas Through Engaging Data and Visuals | ELLEN’S BLOG

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Discover the latest updates on food, nutrition, and health in our regular blog. Stay informed with the latest news that covers a wide range of topics important to the well-being of the audiences you reach. Today’s update focuses on new ways to think about topics of interest to nutrition educators.

FILE #:  442349490 Hands holding grains and photoshooting


In the evolving landscape of nutrition education, especially regarding lifespan and longevity, a fresh perspective considers not just the duration of life, but the quality of it, free from chronic diseases. This approach emphasizes the pivotal role of nutrition and physical activity in promoting a healthier, more vibrant life. Moreover, nutrition educators, keenly aware of the importance of cultural sensitivity, continuously welcome reminders to navigate the nuances of culinary traditions with respect. Addressing ingredient substitutions in cultural recipes and avoiding missteps in food photography are key areas where respectful awareness can prevent unintentional cultural sensitivities.

Intriguingly, the trend of super-sizing in the reusable bottle market intersects with these concerns, highlighting the stance: while upsizing is acceptable and even beneficial when it involves water consumption—encouraging hydration and reducing plastic waste—it raises alarms when applied to sugary or unhealthy beverages. This dichotomy underscores the importance of conscious choices in both diet and environmental practices, steering public health and sustainability in a positive direction.


Updated plant hardiness zones mean that nutrition educators who include gardening in their teaching need to be aware of how planting zones have changed.

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How do consumers view package sizes, and what are the consequences of changing them? One takeaway: Smaller packages may mean they are less able to be recycled.

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A survey of over 1000 RDs provides some interesting insights. There’s great interest in sustainability yet an education gap exists. RDs offer some ways to weave sustainability into nutrition education when talking about food prep and food buying.

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What is the difference between dairy and plant milk? Read the article to see the comparison.

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