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Like, Subscribe, Follow, and Connect to JNEB

Posted by: on Saturday June 17, 2023

JNEB Editorial – June issue

Jared T. McGuirt, PhD, MPH, Associate Editor

You may have noticed that JNEB is popping up in new ways and places across social media: new platforms, graphics, and content. If you haven’t seen this change, please connect with our vari­ous social media platforms to avoid missing out on the excitement! More on where to fnd us in a minute.
What’s behind this shift and expan­sion? This effort is very intentional and for YOU! We are strategically pushing to expand how we engage with our contributors and readers. Why? We want JNEB to be more than just a periodic journal for you. As a nutrition education and behavior pro­fessional, we want you to see us as your home journal and a consistent, reliable resource.
Regularly engaging with our journal brings so much professional and per­sonal beneft. The more touch points you have with JNEB, the more you can stay connected with what is hap­pening across nutrition education and behavior research, practice, and policy. This connectedness will lead to more professional development and success. Additionally, we can provide you with important informa­tion that can increase your success in publishing your work in our journal and make you a better peer reviewer as a service to your profession.
Social media has become a prominent resource for professionals to receive pertinent information that helps them solveproblemsand advancetheir work. JNEB is embracing this. We want to meet you where you are. We want to reach you in places where you like to receive information. So follow us on Twitter. Connect with and follow us on LinkedIn. On these platforms, we post content, tips, and even polls so you can have a voice in improving JNEB. Listen to our monthly Featured Article Podcasts on Spotify, YouTube (please like and subscribe!), and Apple Podcasts. They are a perfect listen for when you are driving or walking around. There is so much great JNEB content across so many platforms.
We want increased information exchange with our readers and con­tributors. We want you to know what is happening at JNEB and what we are interested in publishing. We want to know from you: What topics are you most interested in? How can we better engage and share informa­tion with you? How can we help you be a peer reviewer to serve your pro­fession? What can we do to facilitate you contributing your research and practice materials to JNEB?
So please engage with us and take advantage of these great opportuni­ties to provide us with input across our social media channels. We would love to connect with you!
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With more to come…