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Schuster’s Blog – Food news

Posted by: on Monday June 20, 2022

by SNEB member Ellen Schuster,  MS

Food bank/school meal challenges, an update on FDA’s investigation of Lucky Charms complaints and more!


Food banks struggle with multiple challenges: hard-to-find items, inflation, higher fuel costs, staff shortages, less money being donated ( Summer school meals: It’s estimated that 1 in 5 meal sites won’t open this summer as the school meals waiver expires (; administration eyes a way to provide funds to school meals as waivers expire (


Update on Lucky Charms complaints: FDA website lists Reference #1064 as their Lucky Charms investigation continues ( The June 1, 2022 podcast episode of Food Safety Talk has 2 food safety specialists discussing – at about 76 minutes into the episode – whether the ‘’ crowdsourcing website collecting consumer illness complaints after eating Lucky Charms is to be considered data that should inform the investigation (Hint: yes.) and the May 24, 2022 podcast episode – at 15 minutes into the episode – where they share one hypothesis of a cause of the complaints suggested by a North Carolina State University professor – a pandemic supply chain ingredient substitution, possibly an additive (the link to the NYPost article is in the listen notes). They review what we know at this point in time (; ( How long does it take for food to be recalled?: A new report provides insights…a survey of the 50 of the largest grocery retailers found that 1/2 alert shoppers via text, phone call, email within 24 hours of being alerted by suppliers of a food recall; 1/3 post info on the web or social media platforms. In comparison, it may take the FDA up to one week to inform the public (; the news release on the report (; the 20-page report  ( Are QR codes preferred to expiration dates?: New Cornell research suggests that QR codes on food packages may be preferred to expiration dates (


Miracle Whip/other food price increases, some McDonald franchisees to raise prices: Kraft Heinz announces price hikes on items ( Fast food cost breaking point?: Trends show decrease in fast food purchasing but it’s unclear if it’s the price of the food or the cost of gas ( Climate change interest at the grocery store, the restaurant: About 27% of consumers consider climate change when choosing foods at grocery stores vs. 15% at restaurants (

Interest in premium grocery loyalty programs increases: A poll of 2500 shoppers finds increasing interest in subscription/membership loyalty programs and grocer/gas discounts ( In-store food shopping on the rise: People are out and about, seeking deals and avoiding e-commerce fees  (; (; hybrid shopping – it’s not in-store OR delivery, it’s BOTH ( More produce at Dollar General: Plans include adding more stores w/produce and piloting self-checkout-only stores ( Mushrooms: They’re everywhere and not increasing in price as much as other foods  ( Saving collard greens: The Heirloom Collard Project looks to save different collard greens before they disappear  ( Juneteenth food snafu: Walmart’s ‘Juneteenth’ ice cream didn’t go well but consider an alternative from a black-owned business  (; more about the only woman/Black-owned ice cream company in national distribution ( Shrinkflation: From chips to flips (single yogurt cups) packages downsize while prices remain the same  (


Less competition in the alternative meat space: Four companies own 80% of alternative meats which might mean less innovation and access to ingredients (  Read comments to USDA about cell-based meat labeling: What 1179 comments suggest about cell-based meat labeling (; (