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Retail grocer news, food/indigenous food news

Posted by: on Saturday May 6, 2023

Tools to save money, how the retail grocer market is changing and rural communities losing grocers are all forces in nutrition education. In food news, food prices, a new offering targets those seeking blood sugar management and changes to the yogurt standard-of-identity in 2024 to be aware of. And there’s a lot going on with regard to food in indigenous/other communities.

Buying food…

Instacart’s new shopper tools to save money (

Cashback rewards credit cards…from supermarkets

Large grocers rule e-commerce ( and club store growth cutting into retail grocers (

Does where you work change how you buy groceries online? (

Shopping and buying online are different: Walmart & Aldi (

Rural communities losing grocers (

The connection between Bed Bath & Beyond closings and grocers? Some locations will see grocers move in


Trends in food prices since April 2021 (

4 in 10 cut back on groceries to buy dog food (; how pet food prices have fared  (

Private labels extend into more offerings (

Balance Bowls for blood sugar management (

Changes coming to the yogurt standard-of-identity in 2024 includes allowing all sweetener and additions such as coconut, chocolate (

Indigenous foods…

5 reasons why indigenous foods are important  ( focuses on dietitians working in retail yet underscores important reasons to encourage indigenous foods as a way to address health disparities, a link to local food systems and the importance of culture. High inflation means less access to indigenous foods (

An analysis of fresh food access in Black neighborhoods ( and (

Reclaiming foods…

Interior Dept. Indigenous Food Hubs ( and (

Native communities reclaiming their foods (


Vertical/indoor farming comes to small, Black and Indian farmers as costs lower (

Black chefs lead in the vegan space (

Women-led farming (

Native communities and seaweed farming (

Banking on the seaweed rush (

North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems -NATIFS ( Indigenous chef, ‘The Sioux Chef’, Sean Sherman, named one of Time’s Most Influential Person of 2023 (


Owamni became the best new restaurant in the U.S. (

Listen/watch 3 interviews with Sean Sherman: Washington Post

Live online 1/26/23, 27 minutes or listen online ( or find the Washington Post Live podcast on your podcast platform (; How I Built This, Feb. 2, 2023 episode, 36 minutes ( and Fresh Air, Oct. 24, 2022 episode, 46 minutes


And for something different to watch…

Young immigrants compete in YouTube cooking show (