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Article originally appears in the July 5, 2018 issue of the SNEB eCommunicator.

Multiple social media (SM) platforms are new opportunities to reach new audiences…AND more work. Do not despair, it doesn’t have to be that way. What is repurposing? Reformatting existing content so it can be used in different ways or for different audiences. Consider ways to repurpose your online content effectively and more easily for use across many platforms with the ideas and resources below.

**10 ways to repurpose your online content the right way (infographic)
The why and how of repurposing content with recommended tools

**Content repurposing
A really deep dive with examples – if you scroll towards the end you will find helpful advice related to SM & podcasts

**CDC resources for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (English/Spanish)

**11 genius ways to repurpose content

A focus on written material
**”Reduce” Your Work Load, “Re-Use” Existing Extension Print Materials, and “Recycle” to New Digital Platforms (8 pp)
Helpful and practical advice based on a case study as well as a chart that gives you suggested word counts for effective communication.

**CDC Guide to Writing for Social Media (60 pp)
Meant as a beginner’s guide on how to write for Facebook, Twitter, text and how to use your web content as source material for social media content

A focus on repurposing video
**1 video posted 5 ways to SM
Using a concrete example of a video about not washing chicken you learn how to use it 5 ways including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

**Do you YouTube?
Repurposing longer videos into shorter ones for use on YouTube – a University of Minnesota Extension Service case study.

And a reminder…
**Cheat sheet: best times to post
Most effective posting times for engagement and most popular times to post on Instagram, email, Facebook, Twitter and blogs.