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Posted by: on Wednesday June 16, 2021

Plant-based options are virtually everywhere yet there may be some surprises about where you can find them below. This is a fast moving train so look for changes often!

A look at the numbers, the landscape

Vegan statistics for the U.S., UK and globally. Look at Google searches by state for vegan/plant-based over 15 years and here’s the interactive map for years 2004 through 2019. One registered dietitian ranks the best plant-based fast food options in 2020; another identifies 7 plant-based meat alternatives in 2021. A Harvard professor identifies the pros and cons of plant-based protein and the need for research about long-term health effects with the caveat that the quickly changing options preclude long-term studies and a journalist looks at plant-based fast food and notes that some plant-based chicken alternatives may not be healthier because they are breaded and fried. One example, KFC doesn’t include nutrition info online for their plant-based options. A research and food policy analyst points out issues of genetic modification, contamination and transparency when it comes to these options.

Oh the places you can find based-based alternatives

A birds-eye view of plant-based meat alternatives including dips, sauces and cheeses in the retail and dining out space. Fast food chains and grocers with plant-based options with a caveat – there are lots of pictures of plant-based menu items that don’t look very healthy yet this is a comprehensive list of plant-based offerings and another list of fast food chains a/o March 2020. 15 most vegan-friendly U.S. supermarkets in 2020. Looking for Beyond Meat or Impossible Burger? Where you can get them at groceries, when eating out. Aldi, a discount grocery store has plant-based options. And if you are going to your local or national ice cream chain here are 2021 vegan options. Wawa adds Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich; c-stores offering plant-based meat options. Plant-based meat options in campus dining halls. Blue Apron offers Beyond Meat in its meal kit and Home Chef offers the Impossible Burger. Impossible Foods has just been certified for school lunch and Beyond Meat has teamed up with Sysco to offer plant-based meat in schools and other venues and there are companies offering seafood alternatives in schools as well. Just Eggs to roll out to schools and hospitals, corporate cafeterias. Plant-based meat and cheese alternatives in the hospitality industry.

And if you’re buying these options at the supermarket, two  cookbooks are now available: Cooking with Beyond and Impossible Meat by Ramin Ganeshram (2021) and Impossible:™️The Cookbook (2020).