History Videos

Influential Leaders Series

The first phase of SNEB’s history project features a series of short video interviews with SNEB leaders who share their insights, experiences and visions for the future.  In this first set you will hear from three influential leaders who were involved in the early stages of SNEB’s development and helped shape the Society, as well as the field of food and nutrition education.

Johanna T. Dwyer, DSc, RD

Dr. Johanna Dwyer was involved with SNEB from the beginning, as a staffer for Dr. Jean Mayer at the first White House Conference on Food, Nutrition and Health in 1969. Dwyer served as the 9th President of SNE from 1976-77. Her career covers many dimensions of nutrition education, including cutting edge scientific research, teaching at Tufts University, writing articles for the general public, editing major nutrition journals, publishing over 700 papers, and extensive work in government programs and policy.

Isobel R. Contento, PhD 

Dr. Contento entered the field of nutrition education from a background in basic science and quickly realized that changing what people ate involved as much — if not more —psychology than basic science. Her definition of nutrition education has been widely adopted including by the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior and by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-ed).

Joan D. Gussow, EdD

Gussow has published many articles, one, written with Dr. Kate Clancy, appeared in the Journal of Nutrition Education in 1986 and is often cited for having introduced the idea of Sustainable Dietary Guidelines. Gussow also served as SNEB President from 1979–1980 and inspired the formation of the Sustainable Food Systems Division.

The History Video interviews and videos were produced, recorded and edited by
Ben Koch of of Ben Koch Media. https://benkochmedia.com/