From SNEB Editorial – Culinary Medicine and the Promotion of Plant-Based Diets: Is Caution Needed for Older Adults?

Posted by: on Saturday November 18, 2023 Wendy J. Dahl, PhD, RD; Sayaka Nagao-Sato, MSc, RDN; Christina Riccardo, EdD, RDN Culinary Medicine (CM), which combines food, cooking, and the science of medicine1 for the management of chronic disease conditions, is an emerging practice area for health professionals, particularly physicians.2 Culinary skills and food-disease-related knowledge are enhanced by CM training3; however, there is much to learn regarding optimal program outcome measures.4 What cannot be gained from a CM program i (...)

Ellen’s blog – Time for reading, listening, viewing

Posted by: on Friday November 17, 2023 The upcoming holiday weekend is an opportunity for some nutrition-related reading, listening to podcasts or viewing online content we might not have time to otherwise. Enjoy! Reading… ***USAToday’s 5-part series on diabetes in America: Part 1; Part 2: diabetes in MS; Part 3: (...)

JNEB Editorial: Separating Fact From Fiction: Enhancing Nutrition Literacy to Navigate Healthy Eating Decisions

Posted by: on Saturday November 4, 2023 Lauren Haldeman, PhD In an age where information flows freely, the concept of nutrition literacy has emerged as a crucial tool for individual well-being. Nutrition literacy is defined as “the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand nutrition information and skills needed in order to make appropriate nutrition decisions.” 1 It goes beyond simply knowing how to identify calories in foods; rather it includes the ability to critically evaluate informati (...)

SNEB Editorial: Understanding Foodways and a New Way to Conference

Posted by: on Saturday November 4, 2023 Sarah Colby, PhD, RD The Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior's (SNEB) international conference provides nutrition professionals with the opportunity to explore the latest in nutrition education and behavior change research, practice, and policy. In recent years, notably in the wake of the COVID pandemic, we have witnessed a concerning rise in the financial deficits incurred by SNEB due to our conferences hosted in hotels; so, a change to our conference model is unavoidable. I have been (...)

In the news…grocers, food prices, weight loss drugs

Posted by: on Saturday November 4, 2023 A lot is happening at grocers including retailers competing ways to reduce Thanksgiving meal costs, SNAP e-commerce access increasing, food-as-medicine efforts and how food insecurity impacts grocers. More broadly, certain food items continue to increase in price. And the conversation about weight loss drugs continues. Grocers: Thanksgiving, SNAP e-commerce, food-as-medicine… Walmart, Aldi competing lower Thanksgiving prices (...)

Ellen’s Blog: Weight loss drugs have been all over the news

Posted by: on Saturday October 21, 2023 Weight loss drugs have been all over the news…drug side effects and most prominently, how they may affect the food we eat/how much food we will buy in the future if more shoppers are taking these drugs. Weight loss drugs… Ozempic and possible mental health effects studied in Europe, not in U.S. One body-positive doctor’s experience prescribing (...)

Buying food & about those portable blenders

Posted by: on Saturday October 7, 2023 by Ellen Shuster, MS It’s all about buying food here but the latest on portable blenders warrants attention: class action lawsuit  and Consumer Reports’ concerns This 1 1/2 hour webinar: Helping Military Families Understand the Cost of Convenience is for military families and (...)

SNEB seeks Outreach and Development Coordinator

Posted by: on Saturday September 23, 2023 Position Description – Outreach and Development Coordinator Working under the guidelines of the SNEB External Fundraising Policy, SNEB Outreach and Development Coordinator will contact organizations and companies that share SNEB's vision of healthy communities, food systems and behaviors. The Coordinator will seek to educate contacts about the work that SNEB members do in their communities, the benefits of aligning their organization with SNEB, and the opportunities for collaboration and re (...)

Ellen’s Blog: What’s new or on the horizon

Posted by: on Saturday September 23, 2023 By Ellen Schuster, MS Self-serve drink machines slowly going away, free textbooks w/snacks in them?, low-fat vegan diet saves money, extreme heat canceling school recess, at the grocer some Lunchables include fruit not candy/cookies, new cookbooks focus on veggie burgers, food waste and more! McDonald’s to phase out self-serve drink stations  ( The cost of eating ou (...)

From JNEB: September Editorial

Posted by: on Saturday September 23, 2023 Are Nutrition Professionals Ready for Artificial Intelligence? Alexandra L. MacMillan Uribe, PhD, RDN Julie Patterson, PhD, MBA, RDN, LDN Artificial intelligence (AI) has been prominent in headlines, creating much discourse among experts and the public alike. Advocates view recent advances in AI as revolutionary, while opponents warn that this untested technology could have dire costs. As such, active evaluation of its benefits, limitations, and unintended consequences in nutr (...)