Schuster’s blog: Food/health in the news

Posted by: on Monday July 17, 2023 In the economics of food, there’s some good news about the cost of food overall, yet for many not enough; a round-up of SNAP articles and zero waste/repurposing of food ideas and titles. Grocery inflation drops under five percent in June, but some categories see price increases compared to last year ( <>). (...)

JNEB July ’23 Editorial: Now Is the Time for Advocating for Federal Nutrition Programs

Posted by: on Monday July 17, 2023 Given the conversations happening now at the federal level around funding for nutrition assistance programs for our nation's highest-need communities, nutrition educators need to pay close attention. Whether you are someone who likes to work behind the scenes or take center stage, we need to be strong advocates for these programs to ensure that individuals and communities across the lifecycle have access to adequate and nutritious food. These programs are critical given their vital role in add (...)

JNEB July ’23 Editorial: A New View on Previously Viewed

Posted by: on Monday July 17, 2023 A great perk of SNEB membership is the no-cost availability of SNEB webinars. Sponsored by SNEB Divisions, members, friends of the Society, and related organizations, the webinars offer continuing education and course resources on theory, content and contextual features pertinent to development, delivery, evaluation, planning, and innovation of nutrition education and behavioral topics. These webinars, examples of the superior application of SNEB member expertise, are a desirable deliverable for (...)

Schuster’s blog: Food/health in the news

Posted by: on Friday June 30, 2023 The latest…from poor air quality affecting outdoor activity to foods and our quest for sleep. This interesting article about readability has implications for reading info on phones/screens: fonts change your reading speed (increase it by 35% on a screen in a recent study) but also change how you’re perceived; ‘bad’ fonts can make it hard to recognize words; when you read small text on a phone the difference in height between capital and lowercase letters is important. Note: in the artic (...)

Like, Subscribe, Follow, and Connect to JNEB

Posted by: on Saturday June 17, 2023 JNEB Editorial - June issue Jared T. McGuirt, PhD, MPH, Associate Editor A NEW SEASON OF REACH AND ENGAGE­MENT FOR JNEB You may have noticed that JNEB is popping up in new ways and places across social media: new platforms, graphics, and content. If you haven’t seen this change, please connect with our vari­ous social media platforms to avoid missing out on the excitement! More on where to fnd us in a minute. MORE THAN JUST PERIODICAL What’s behind this shift and expan­sion? This (...)

Digital Technology in Nutrition Education and Behavior Change: Opportunities and Challenges

Posted by: on Saturday June 17, 2023 JNEB Editorial - June issue Alexandra L. MacMillan Uribe, PhD, RDN Emily Welker Duffy, MPH, RD Basheerah Enahora, PhD, MBA, RDN, LDN Phrashiah Githinji, PhD Jared McGuirt, PhD, MPH Gina L. Tripicchio, PhD, MSEd The incorporation of digital technol­ogy (digitech) within nutrition education and behavior change in­terventions (NEBI) has markedly increased, and COVID-19 rapidly accelerated advancement and acceptability in this area.1 The pro­liferation of digite (...)

Mid-year 2024 trend outlook

Posted by: on Saturday June 17, 2023 No…it’s not 2024 yet when all the trends for the new year are shared. Instead this article was prompted by the trends shared by Phil Lempert, the Supermarket Guru and includes other related trend-related articles. You may not agree with all of Lempert’s retail dietitian/grocer focused trends but his ideas and data will certainly highlight our changing world. Enjoy! Snack & sweet trends from the May 2024 Expo include offering different package sizes (...)

Food prices, school meals, plant-based, tech, future reading

Posted by: on Monday June 5, 2023 Food prices continue to take center stage in grocery retail. Many shoppers view snacks as cheaper food options. And there’s a fascinating story about how precise data drives increases in fast food prices. With the normalization of Buy Now Pay Later for groceries, Consumer Reports ratings of these apps is timely. Value used to be mostly about price yet this has expanded to quality, convenience and other factors. Also, a look at school meals, plant-based, technology (chatGPT, AI and digital coo (...)

Share Your Expertise and Become a Reviewer

Posted by: on Saturday May 20, 2023 Published in the May 2023 issue of JNEB by Lauren Haldeman, PhD, JNEB Editor in Chief JNEB's reputation as the premier journal for nutrition education and behavior is due in large part to our excellent group of reviewers. As an important platform for researchers and practitioners to share their findings and insights, it is vital that the articles published in JNEB are of high quality and rigorously reviewed. While it does take some time, the importance of reviewing papers and the benefits it b (...)

Implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: SNEB’s Commitment to Integrating DEI as Part of Each and Every Activity

Posted by: on Saturday May 20, 2023 Published in May 2023 issue of JNEB At the end of 2022, the membership of the Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior (SNEB) demonstrated their commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) through the passing of a resolution to adopt a DEI statement. The written resolution in its entirety is viewable at A committee of diverse individuals in regard to place (...)