SNEB Leadership

SNEB Board of Directors
Suzanne Piscopo PhD, President
Mary Murimi PhD, RD, LDN, President-Elect
Adrienne White PhD, RD, Vice President
Pascasie Adedze PhD, MPH, Secretary
Karen Ensle EdD, RDN, FAND, CFCS, Treasurer
Sarah Colby PhD, RD, Director At Large
Alyce D. Fly PhD, Director At Large
Pam Koch EdD, RD, Director At Large
Barbara Lohse PhD, RD, LDN, Director At Large
Jessica Soldavini MPH, Student Represenative
Nicole Turner-Ravana MS SNEB, Foundation President
Jasia Steinmetz PhD, RD, ACPP Chair
Karen Chapman-Novakofski PhD, RD, LD, JNEB Editor-in-Chief
Jackie Williams CPA SNEB, Executive Director

SNEB Foundation Board of Trustees
Nicole Turner-Ravana MS, President
Isobel Contento PhD, Vice President
Nancy Gaston MA, RD, Secretary
Kendra Kattelmann PhD, RDN, LN, Treasurer

Advisory Committee on Public Policy
Alexandra Lewin-Zwerdling PhD, MPA, Chair-Elect

Annual Conference Committee
Mary Murimi PhD, RD, LDN, Chair

Journal Committee
Gail Gates PhD, RD, Chair
Rickelle Richards PhD, RD, MPH, Chair Elect

Membership Committee
Barbara Lohse PhD, RD, LDN, Co-Chair
Alyce Fly PhD, Co-Chair

Communications Division
Song Xiong BS, Chair
Rachel Paul MS, RD, Chair-Elect

Food and Nutrition Extension Education Division
Karen Barale MS, RD, CD, FADA, Chair
Lynda Zimmerman, Chair-Elect

Healthy Aging Division
Oyinlola (Toyin) Babatunde PhD, MPH, RD, Chair
Kelly A. Morrison RD, CSG, LDN, Chair-Elect

Higher Education Division
Jennifer Martin-Biggers MS, RD Chair
Virginia Carraway-Stage PhD, RD, LDN Chair-Elect

International Nutrition Education Division
Kavitha Sankavaram PhD, Chair
Seung-Yeon Lee PhD, Chair-Elect

Nutrition Education for Children Division
Caroline Dunn, Chair
Tanya O'Connor MS, Chair-Elect

Nutrition Education with Industry Division
Wendy Dahl PhD, Chair

Public Health Nutrition Division
Virginia Quick PhD, RD, Chair
Nick Drzal MPH, RD, Chair-Elect

Sustainable Food Systems Division
Justin Fast BA, Chair
Gioacchino Taliercio, Chair-Elect

Weight Realities Division
Angelina Maia MS, RD, LDN, Co-Chair
Douglas Mathews, Co-Chair

SNEB leadership can be contacted through the SNEB office by email or phone 317-328-4627 or 800-235-6690.