SNEB Foundation Local Kitchen Auction

In our effort to support our students and the SNEB Foundation scholarship funds, the annual SNEB conference planning committee is hosting the first auction featuring a local food or related item.
Here is how we celebrate your local food scene and the people who make your region unique. Consider the foods that are indigenous to your area, or foods with cultural significance. We also want to consider those makers who keep our food heritage alive, such as recipe authors, woodmakers and potters who shape our utensils or those who create our linens for kitchen and table.  This is an opportunity to feature your communities that shape or set our dining from land or sea to table.
Here are the steps to participate. 

  1. First, find a local food or food-related item(s) to feature and consider the sustainability, including environmental and social sustainability. For example, I am from Wisconsin and thinking about the master cheesemakers and their amazing cheese, the indigenous wild rice grown here and maintained by our Native American tribes, indigenous cranberries that are produced in central Wisconsin, a three-generation family maple syrup producers’ amazing syrups, a new female-owned business that sells flavored shrubs, ginseng products with our local ginseng, or the recipe book featuring Wisconsin seasonal food produced by our state Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farmers. We have our first auction item planned, an autographed copy of Chef Sherman’s The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen, winner of the 2018 James Beard Award for Best American Cookbook. Chef Sherman was one of our keynote presenters.
  2. Next, write a descriptor (no more than 400 words) of the food and producer so we know the story of people and place, then create a video (two minutes max) to capture the item and story.  Remember the focus is on small or medium-sized businesses that are unique to your area and celebrate your food culture. This is our opportunity to support and acknowledge small businesses owned by individuals and families, especially female and BIPOC owners. These are the hidden gems we want to feature.  Submit to SNEB through this link:
  3. Set a starting price for your item. (Thank you in advance for paying the cost to ship your item to the winning bidder.)

We are planning to run the auction from October 11 through October 16 (World Food Day) so please submit your item by Wednesday, October 6. The auction will be online at

Please avoid franchised or national items that are readily available. SNEB does not endorse products but we do celebrate farmers, producers and innovators who support a sustainable planet and socially responsible practices. Please contact Jasia Steinmetz with any questions,

I cannot wait to see the innovative – and tasty – items that will be donated and look forward to supporting students through this effort!