Healthy Aging

Chair: Alison C. Berg, PhD, RD, LD
Chair-Elect: Seung Eun Jung, PhD, RD

The goal of this division is to provide a forum for SNEB members to network, stimulate research, and optimize nutrition-related quality of life for older adults through improved nutrition education and behavior.

The division strives to:

  • Provide a forum for division members to share knowledge and resources to support nutrition educators interested in and/or working with the older adult population;
  • Provide knowledge, skills and resources pertinent to healthy aging;
  • Provide a forum at the SNEB Annual Conference for professional development and discussion of issues related to older adults;
  • Promote SNEB’s goals and strategic plan through division activities;
  • Foster policy development and leadership through SNEB’s ACPP
  • Determine the need for, develop, and/or endorse position and policy papers supporting SNEB’s direction for nutrition quality of life and nutrition education issues related to older adults;
  • Encourage publication of articles related to healthy aging in JNEB; and
  • Establish partnerships with other agencies to promote nutrition quality of life for older adults.

Listen to Susan Adams talk about why she is a member of SNEB and the Healthy Aging Division