Special thanks to Erika Wincheski, UMD Dietetic Intern for the following blog post originally published by Communicate Nutrition, the SNEB Communications Division blog

Looking for a way to establish yourself as a reliable source of topic-specific information with the latest news?  You can create a professional online magazine using information you trust and is relevant to your area of interest, then distribute it to your clients or on your website with Scoop.it.  Scoop.it is classified as a “content curation” platform, which means that you, as the content expert, find relevant content, “scoop it,” and then add your spin on the post with your thoughts and opinions.  As an article in the Silicon Valley Watcher states: “…curation online also has to demonstrate: mastery, passion, knowledge, and expertise.  Without such additional layers, a curated collection of links is just a collection of links.”

Content curation refers to making sense of the immense amount of information available on the internet by grouping it, adding thought, and then sharing relevant content on a specific topic or issue – different from simply aggregating content as in an RSS feed.  Curators lead a conversation by bringing insight to the post, as well as spending a great deal of time sorting through information on a topic to pick the best information to share with their readers or followers.  Because curators are constantly monitoring and evaluating new information on a topic, keeping up with curation can be a very time and energy consuming process.  However, curating platforms, like Scoop.it, can make it easier to keep up with and add value to your topic of interest.  (If you are looking to create a simple news feed, an RSS feed aggregator might be more appropriate for your needs.)

To start scooping, visit www.scoop.it , where you can sign up by using your username and password from a Facebook or Twitter account.  The basic version of Scoop.it is free; however, there are two other versions available based on your needs that range from $12.99 to $79.99 a month.  These allow the user to curate more than 5 topics, and offer analytics, exporting features, and customized branding.  You can also scoop on the go with the Scoop.it app available for smartphones and tablets.

Scoop.it can be a great tool for Registered Dietitian’s and health professionals because it allows you to create topic “magazines” based on things you are passionate about that relate to you or your business, and could be of interest to others, including clients, fellow professionals, Twitter followers, friends, family, and anyone searching the internet for information.  With so much nutrition information available on the internet, Scoop.it allows you to pull together that which is relevant and reliable for your followers or clients.  This is another great way to add to your online presence and extend your professional reach across the Internet as a reliable source.

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