Special thanks to Betanya Alemu, Dietetic Intern at The University of Maryland –College Park for the following blog post first published on the Communications Division blog Communicate Nutrition

One way to take full advantage of information on the Web is to have a convenient way to retrieve and store all of the useful resources you find. LiveBinders is an online bookmarking tool that facilitates the organization of information found on the Web. It allows you to organize web-based content such as web pages, links (URLs), pictures, videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, and Word documents into tabs that are accessible by an instant click of the mouse. You can create your own personalized binder, or you also have the opportunity to search through binders that others have created.

Adding content to your LiveBinder can be done by manually by typing the URL of a webpage, or by uploading files from your computer to your LiveBinder. Another exciting option for adding content to your LiveBinder is to use the Google auto-fill feature. This feature offers the ability to type in a couple of key words and Google will bring up websites that are relevant to your topic to fill your binder. And, you can create binders for as many topics as you like. If you are concerned about privacy, you have the option of making your online binder private (only you can see it) or public (open for the public to view/ search for on the internet). If you want to create a private binder but you still want to let friends access the content, LiveBinders has a share tool so you can share the link to any specific binder with your friends or colleagues.

Creating a LiveBinders account is simple and free. In order to sign up, simply go to www.LiveBinders.com, and create a username and a password. While there is no paid subscription currently available, there is a voluntary questionnaire that users can fill out to let the LiveBinders team know what paid subscription features would be useful. There are also a variety of tutorial videos and a blog available on the website to help new users to get started.

LiveBinders can be a great tool for Registered Dietitians and health care professionals because it allows you to organize resources, store information, images and videos relevant to a particular area of practice on the web.

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