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What Will Trend In 2022?

Posted by: on Monday January 3, 2022

Overview: This year’s 2022 predictions are very consistent,  popular trends include: foods/ingredients that support health/brain health, foods to address immunity and  stress/burnout including pre/probiotics, functional ingredients, foods and drinks, citrus/botanicals and adaptogens; plant-based; shoppers seeking sustainable products and looking to address food waste; global flavors for diversity and ‘superfood’ attributes.

Keep your eye on this: trending of recipes on social media as Instacart’s 2021 Year in Groceries report notes – almost half (46%) of 2,000 people in an Instacart survey said they’ve tried a recipe they saw on social media.

Need more evidence of social media’s influence on what we eat? TikTok partners with Virtual Dining Kitchens to prepare dishes available in the TikTok app for delivery only to be in about 300 locations initially; by the end of 2022, 1,000 locations expected. In keeping with the viral nature of TikTok, recipes will be changed quarterly.

Trend reports…

Eating out trends…

  • Restaurant trends include organic/sustainable/gluten options, self-service kiosks in fast casual restaurants, ‘wellness’ options such as functional foods and limited-time-offers (LTO) on the rise as they drive traffic.
  • Kids’ eating trends: breakfast all day, handheld food, veggies/plant-based, gardening at home and school, foods from different cultures, noodles.

Specific food markets…

  • Health food industry trends include pre/probiotics, alternative nut butters and flours, dairy alternatives in smoothies, and West African flavors seen as ‘superfoods’.
  • Trends shaping meal kits include sustainability, more meals offered including snacks, more personalization including lifestyles, competitive pricing, pre-made/pre-cooked meals needing no prep/assembly and extended delivery.
  • Forbes’ plant-based and alternative protein trends: mixtures of meat and veggies, mushrooms and their functional contributions, restaurants/fast foods continue to offer plant-based menu items, plant-based focusing on better nutrition profiles, cell-based meat in grocery stores.
  • FairTrade America’s trends include sustainability, mission-focused brands.

Cars and food in 2022…