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Travel in Good Health

Posted by: on Monday November 12, 2018 hand washing

Article originally appears in the November 8, 2018 issue of the SNEB eCommunicator.

Whether traveling for the holidays or going abroad to study or sightsee, you can do so with health in mind. Making healthy and safe food choices, keeping active and washing your hands are but a few things you can do.

A really small study aligns with 2 other studies and it finds that the security line is one place you pick up germs when traveling.

Some quick tips…
**Research eating places where you will be going or in your hotel (resources below).
**Spending time at the airport? Walk!
**Pack athletic shoes, workout clothes as a reminder to be active.
**Give the mini-bar key back to eliminate a source of snacks within reach.
**Eat healthy 80% of the time and ‘indulge’ 20% of the time. When you come home, get back to healthy eating and being active.

Apps and tips
**Eating right between meetings
Apps such as or GateGuru (what restaurants are near your departure gate) or Fooducate which offers healthier alternatives when you scan a food package’s bar code.

**8 food safety tips when traveling abroad
An RDN covers planning, eating out, handwashing and more.

**Dietitian recommendations for snacks while traveling
Ever wonder what nutritionists carry while traveling? Hint: One idea is to carry oatmeal packets.

**Healthy airport food
Offers some specific foods to choose and what to avoid at places you’re likely to find in an airport.

**Healthier airport food,
The 4 tips include the kinds of healthier choices to make at typical airport restaurants.

**Tips for healthy eating while traveling (Cleveland Clinic)
Whether traveling by car, train or air, here are some healthy eating tips.

**Food and water safety: what to know before you go (CDC)
If you are traveling someplace where the food or water may may you sick, check this infographic out.

**Risky vs. safer – food & drink choices while traveling (CDC)
A short list of ‘risky’ and ‘safer’ food choices when traveling.