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Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior Elects 2022-2023 Leadership

Posted by: on Sunday April 10, 2022

Jasia Steinmetz, PhD, RD , President of the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior announces the election of volunteers who will begin their roles August 1, 2022.

  • Sarah Colby, PhD, RD, University of Tennessee, has been elected Vice President. During her three-year term, she will transition into the role of President of the Society serving from 2024-2025.
  • Amy Mobley, PhD, RD, University of Florida, will serve as Secretary.
  • Siew Sun Wong, PhD, MS, Oregon State University, will serve as Director at Large.

The following members will serve in key roles on SNEB Committees.

  • Julia McCarthy, JD, Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy, will serve as chair-elect of the Advisory Committee on Public Policy.
  • Joining the SNEB nominating committee are Chiquita Briley, PhD, Louisiana State University AgCenter and
    Mateja Savoie Roskos, PhD, MPH, RD, CNP, Utah State University.

Kritika Gupta, MS, University of Mississippi, was appointed by the SNEB Board of Directors to serve as student member representative to the Board of Directors for 2022-2023.

SNEB’s organizational structure includes special interest divisions. The following members will serve in leadership roles of their respective divisions.

Digital Technology in Nutrition Education and Behavior Change
Chair-Elect – Gina Tripicchio, PhD, MS, MSED, Temple University

Secretary/Treasurer – Emily Welker Duffy, MPH, RD, UNC Chapel Hill Gillings School of Global Public Health

Healthy Aging Division
Chair-Elect- Tovah Wolf, PhD, MS, RDN, TDWOLF Nutrition

Secretary/Treasurer – Daniela Rivero-Mendoza, MS, University of Florida

Higher Education Division
Chair-Elect – Rebecca Hagedorn-Hatfield, PhD, RDN, Meredith College

Secretary/Treasurer – Pauline Williams, PhD, RD, MPA

Nutrition Education for Children

Chair-Elect – Amelia Huelskamp, PhD, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Nutrition Educators in the Food Sector Division
Chair – Nick Rose, MS, University of Vermont

Chair Elect- Het Desai-Shah, PhD, Rutgers University

Secretary/Treasurer – Milton Stokes, PhD, MPH, RD

Public Health Nutrition Division
Chair-Elect – Betsy Anderson-Steeves, PhD, RD, University of Tennessee

Secretary/Treasurer – Crystal Bowne, MA, MPH, University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension

Research Division
Chair-Elect – Virginia C. Stage, PhD, RDN, East Carolina University

Secretary/Treasurer – Mackenzie Ferrante, PhD, RDN, University at Buffalo

Sustainable Food Systems Division (DSFS)
Chair-Elect – Sarah Burkhart, PhD, University Of The Sunshine Coast


Sarah Colby Amy Mobley Siew Sun Wong
Chiquita Briley Mateja Savoie Roskos Julia McCarthy Kritika Gupta
Gina Tripicchio Emily Welker Duffy Tovah Wolf Rebecca Hagedorn-Hatfield
Pauline Williams Amelia Huelskamp Nick Rose Het Desai-Shah
Milton Stokes Betsy Anderson-Steeves Crystal Bowne Virginia C. Stage