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SNEB Past President Highlight: Audrey N. Maretzki, PhD

Posted by: on Saturday July 15, 2017 Audrey N. Maretzki, PhD

Audrey N. Maretzki, PhD , is Professor Emerita of Food Science and Nutrition in the Department of Food Science in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Pennsylvania State University, Co-Director of the Interinstitutional Center for Indigenous Knowledge, and served as SNEB president in 1985. She was the first to serve as both president and as editor of the Journal of Nutrition.

In her time with SNEB, Maretzki said she made wonderful friends she could count on for professional assistance, among other professional advantages.

“The SNEB Journal, the conference programs and communication with members have kept me in touch with the field of nutrition education,” she said.

50 years from now, Maretzki believes nutrition educators will still be telling people what they should or should not eat to be healthy. Regardless of what the future holds, she had just one line of advice for young professionals.

“Think outside of your professional box!” she stated.

Maretzki earned her Bachelors and Masters at PSU and her Doctorate at the University of Pittsburgh, and continues to remain an active learner in retirement by keeping up with her interests in indigenous knowledge and racial and ethnic diversity.