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SNEB Foundation Scholarship Spotlight: Elizabeth C Dodge, MS, PhD

Posted by: on Sunday July 16, 2017 Elizabeth Dodge

Elizabeth C Dodge, MS, PhD, received an SNEB Foundation Student Scholarship at the 2012 Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.  Upon arriving at the conference, Dodge remembers being very overwhelmed by the amount of opportunities it offered in terms of sessions and networking.

“It was one of those conferences where you are consistently torn deciding between two or three of the sessions at any given time because they all sound equally interesting!” Dodge recalled.” I remember meeting many of the professionals in the field that I had read and/or was basing my thesis research on, which provided the best possible networking opportunities. And, I remember how welcoming everyone was. There were so many opportunities for meeting other students, young professionals, and experts in the field.”

Curriculum/program development, nutrition education, program data collection and analysis, and higher education are the areas of expertise Dodge has and SNEB has continued to provide her with the tools to develop professionally.

“Membership in SNEB is critical to my professional development and continued networking within the field,” she said. “The invaluable and interesting webinars and journal clubs and the annual conference are always pertinent and engaging.”

Dodge is currently the Program Manager for the Master of Science in Applied Nutrition at University of New England.