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Schuster’s Blog: The metaverse, influencers and more

Posted by: on Saturday May 7, 2022

by SNEB member Ellen Schuster,  MS

As always much is happening online whether in the metaverse, social media, mobile ordering and more. Read on…if you dare…

The metaverse, drones: Not yet in the metaverse where you can connect socially in a 3D virtual reality world? See screenshots from the metaverse of Wendy’s, Chipotle and McDonald’s (; McD’s in the metaverse – its mission: sell food (; Paneraverse – Panera’s virtual reality restaurant w/delivery (; Wendyverse, also a restaurant  (; Slim Jim Meataverse will have virtual goods, food products and more ( Think food companies/restaurants are alone in the metaverse? CVS has entered with plans to include wellness programs ( Drone delivery of restaurant food especially in the suburbs to increase in the coming years ( and a TX company makes the case (

Mobile ordering: Mobile exclusivity, like the recent McDonald’s sauce example, gives companies direct access to customer data and their spending habits  ( More regional grocers roll out online SNAP purchasing ( DashPass is DoorDash’s lower cost food delivery subscription for undergraduate/graduate students at accredited colleges and universities in the U.S.  (

Shoppable recipes: Walmart shoppable recipes on Snapchat (

Youth influencers: What is an influencer? Someone who promotes/recommends a product/service on social media. Recently, Unilever announced. plans to limit food marketing children, including influencers under 16 or those whose target audience reaches those under 16 ( What do we know about kid influencers (a recent study found that 40% of kid influencers included food and drink; 94% of the products were unhealthy) ( and a 6-page brief (; original research (

Other influencers: TikToker influence is growing in restaurants  (; IHOP using influencers (; online grocers using online users as influencers and paying them for ‘winning’ recipes (; one registered dietitian’s 5 questions to ask when viewing influencer info (