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Schuster’s Blog: New Year’s resolutions, eating out, grocery aisles and more

Posted by: and on Tuesday January 3, 2023

The New Year often comes with resolutions to eat better or be more active. Many may find this New Year challenging when eating out or choosing options at the grocery due to the examples below. Alternatively, there are better-for-you options and new FDA guidance for online delivery services. Finally, my suggestions of affordable holiday gifts that support good health this New Year – and all through the year! Here’s to a healthy and happy 2023!

Eating out…

On the shelf/at the grocery…


Food delivery…

And here’s to a happy and healthy New Year all year…

These affordable items support good-for-you food prep and physical activity in the New Year and throughout the year! Many stores have sales on physical activity-related items in early January and discount stores are places to find some items. Happy gifting!

Food and kitchen tools…
  • Hand potato masher makes it easy to make an eggless tofu salad
  • Spiralizer or veggie peeler to make veggie noodles
  • Silicone basket for steaming veggies
  • Ceramic skillet for nonstick sautéing
  • A good kitchen knife makes it easier to cut veggies for recipes
  • Mandoline slicer to make veggie chips, thinly slice apples to top peanut butter on toast (more ways to use a mandoline @
  • Pitcher w/infuser to add fruit flavors to tea
  • Indoor herb garden
  • Any ‘new’ ingredient such as spices, cocoa powder, powdered peanut butter with suggested recipes
  • Basket filled with: a tea assortment; assortment of salsa; different spices; aged balsamic vinegars; fruits & veggies w/recipes
  • Assortment of hummus w/info about how to enjoy it in different ways such as topping a salad, on sandwich bread instead of mayo and garlic hummus in mashed potatoes
  • Aged balsamic vinegar (I’ve used aged it for 14 years, it makes eating a daily spinach salad a treat!)

Personal health items…

  • Steel wall tumbler keeps cold drinks cold longer
  •  Collapsable water bottle
  • Earbuds to listen to music or podcasts while walking
  • Yoga mats and other similar items
  • A good nutrition or recipe book