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Read about air fryers to extreme food budgeting

Posted by: on Friday March 24, 2023

A lot is going on in the ‘heads up nutrition educators’ space from Lunchables coming to school meals (at what price point?), save money by making meals from Dollar Tree, a pilot of contactless mobile WIC payment, the popularity of air fryers puts instructions on some labels, subscription programs are EVERYWHERE and more.

Of interest to nutrition educators…

Lunchables to become part of school meals this fall w/reformulation: URL link for PDF about them ( TikTok extreme food

budgeting w/Dollar Tree foods…$35 a week! (

Which 5 states will pilot SNAP contactless mobile payment? IL, LA, MA, MO, OK, no retailers announced ( Instacart to use ChatGPT to answer questions about their service, health and nutrition 

( Instacart addresses food insecurity starts in Indianapolis, IN, will expand to other cities ( Air fryers are popular…it’s estimated about 60% of U.S. households have one; so companies such as Kellogg’s and Nestlé have added air fryer instructions to labels ( Survey finds Gen Alphas (born in the 21st century – 2010 to 2024) say McD’s is their favorite restaurant ( We like bowls when eating out; hint: restaurants do too

(; Chipotle is capitalizing on bowls with their new Farmesa set to open  (; bowls are trending ( Shellfish allergic reactions cause most visits to emergency departments ( Subscription services are everywhere  ( and (; c-store has subscription w/levels and links to charities (

Food: play areas, customers complain, food prices, grocery cart size, Walmart ghost kitchens…

Fast food play areas vanishing: drive-thru and pick-up rule; health & safety concerns also a factor

( Multi-decade survey finds

customer problems increasing in some sectors (including fast food); they often go online to vent ( Fact check, aisle 4! Food prices have increased 400%? 

( and Walmart offers Easter meal items at last year’s prices ( The relationship between grocery cart size and purchases

( TX Walmart ghost kitchen cooks up national and local dishes (

The past and future of food…

Acquired tastes: stories about the origins of modern food ( Nanotechnology in food packaging to grow in the decade ahead ( Superfoods of the future 

( Algae: a sustainable future food? ( 25% of the booths at a recent natural products CPG conference were vegan; 10.5% plant-based (

Groceries/restaurants: food and so much more…

TECH: Groceries that center education, community but mostly technology…a food hall, gardens, digital shelf labels,

(; BJ’s rolls out robot to scan shelves daily ( Hy-Vee’s new format

( and photos ( and ( ENTERTAINMENT: Dom’s

Kitchen & Market…food shopping and entertainment ( and ( NYC Whole Foods’ ‘theater of retail’ 


see the future of food as more local and offer gathering spaces ( Sprouts tests in-store coffee bar

( Drink & shop

( RESTAURANTS & LEISURE/ACTIVITY: Ping pong, bocce ball, darts, mini-golf and more

( Pickleball

( Redefining the restaurant: vending, corporate catering and more