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Meet the Sponsor: Bloomsbury Publishing

Posted by: on Sunday July 16, 2017 Green Tree logo

Green Tree, a new imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing, is set to refresh and reshape self-improvement publishing with a range of books that will inspire, inform and motivate. Launching the imprint is the
US publication of The Gut Makeover: 4 Weeks to Nourish Your Gut, Revolutionize Your Health, and Lose Weight by Jeannette Hyde. This ground-breaking four-week eating plan designed by a leading nutritional therapist provides life-changing benefits for a healthier you.

The Gut Makeover is based on revolutionary new science that reveals that the state of our gut is central to our weight and health. Learn how to rebuild your microbiome – the bacteria living in the
human gut – which is the key to every single aspect of our health. The great news is there is a lot you can do to cultivate a healthy gut. The Gut Makeover is the only book you’ll need for a whole health
overhaul – to control your weight, improve your skin, lift your spirits and strengthen your immune system for good. The Gut Makeover is available wherever books are sold.