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Keep up with new foods/new terms

Posted by: and on Saturday February 25, 2023


Although the supply chain has limited many food items, tracking new foods that come on the ‘market’ (in stores and online) continues to be a moving target as the number of places to get food grows. If you’re feeling FOMO (fear of missing out) on new groceries, foods for takeout/dining out or new nutrition terms keep reading…

New products…

Here are some recent products you may be unaware of: Magic Spoon cereal heavily advertised on podcasts and only

been available online, now coming to 6800 groceries (; Halo Top isn’t only ice cream…its light baking mixes debut (®-Enters-the-Baking-Aisle-for-the-First-Time-with-New-Feel-Good-Sweets); sleep-promoting cereal launches

(; Sara Lee white bread with ‘1 cup of veggies in every loaf’ (; Oatly yogurt debuts carbon footprint label (; tiger nuts is a root vegetable that is crunchy and slightly sweet ( and a Canadian kombucha soda coming to the U.S.? ( All of these products were found in these online resources…

**Smartbrief – food category ( has news from school nutrition to ag tech

**Trendhunter – food trends, new foods including restaurant, fast casual (

**Food Dive – food industry news and a Friday Leftovers column with info about new products ( Where else would you read about how groceries and fast food may team up for seamless online ordering? (

**Grocery Dive – grocery news ( Read articles like this: Albertsons launches digital health platform (

**Marketing Dive – digital marketing news, some about food ( Follow e-commerce with news like this: Wendy’s, Roku and DoorDash and shoppable videos (

**Supermarket Guru – food retail, trends, e-commerce and more; a 15-minute Live Report Mondays at 2:30 PM ET on Facebook/online (

**Specialty Food Association – new foods in the mainstream and specialty space ( A recent article is about a pick-up only grocer (

**The Food Institute – news about the food industry, trends ( Read about food companies move to DTC/direct to consumer (

**The Takeout – interesting mix of new foods, eating out/takeout and opinion pieces ( Where else would you read about ordering restaurant food via TikTok? (

**TastingTable – mix of new products, eating out and food trends, cooking tips, recipes ( Intrigued with tiger nuts? Find out what to do if baking with tiger nut flour (

**Plant-based protein tracker – track product launches


Eating out…

**Fast food menu prices – track current prices  (

**Restaurant menu tracker – track menu items  (

**Food on Demand – the intersection of food, technology & mobility


Keep up…podcasts in your ears…

**Food Navigator podcast focuses on the food industry (

**Lost in the Supermarket focuses on food retail and trends ( Where else would you hear about the beginning of meal kits? January 26, 2023 episode

**Find podcast episodes about topics, foods you are interested in (

Keep up with new terms…

Sustainatarians? Reducetarians? (; dawn of climavores (; climavores vs. regenivores (; social omnivores ( You’ve heard of shrinkflation, well now comes ‘greedflation’ (

Keep up with food searches…

Find out Google searches for terms over the past 12 months for the U.S.; drill down to a region, state or city (

One last thought…

Keeping up with TikTok is a challenge for foodservice workers and causing ingredient shortages