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In your ears: podcasts about meatless/plant-based foods and recipe preparation

Posted by: on Monday October 7, 2019 impossible foods meatless burger

Want to learn about meatless options from many viewpoints? There’s a podcast episode for you. And what about listening to a recipe being prepared instead of watching a video? There’s a new podcast for that, too.

**The Future of Meat – Freakonomics – 58 min. includes the current state of meat, environmental impacts of meat production, a focus on Impossible Foods and trade group perspectives @ Here is the nutrition label for the Impossible Burger @ and ingredients @

**The Meatless Revolution – Radio Times – 49 min. includes a reading of the ingredients in one meatless product, ‘Big Food’ entering the meatless market, the different responses of processors and producers/ranchers, the process behind ‘bleeding’ meatless burgers and lab-grown meat, the legal battles over labels and the environment @ Caveat: one speaker self-identifies as a vegan, the other as a vegetarian.

**To Beef or Not to Beef – The Rise of Meatless Burgers – On Point – 47 min. includes a look at the Beyond Burger, its ingredients, who is buying it, results of an efficiency study of the burger’s inputs vs. a beef burger and an in-depth discussion of Beyond Burger’s nutrition pros/cons with a nutrition professor @ Note: Beyond Burger tries to distribute an updated version of its product every year. Here’s the Beyond Burger’s nutrition label and ingredients @

**Plant-based Meat Alternatives are Beefing Up in Popularity – The Takeaway – 1st 13 minutes includes listener weigh-in, overview of the content of the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger, their target markets, cost, nutrition, environmental impacts, introduction into the fast food market, chef/consumer/meat industry reaction and other plant-based options on the horizon @

**Microbes, Heme and Impossible Burgers – Meet the Microbiologist (American Society for Microbiology) – 63 min. focuses on the Impossible Burger in an interview with its CEO and a DEEP dive into the development of the process that led to the burger @,-Heme,-and-Impossible-Burgers-with-Pat-Br

**Post Reports podcast answers the question: Is plant-based shrimp kosher? (about 23 1/2 minutes in) @

**Weeknight Kitchen with Melissa Clark – 21 min. – a new podcast with Melissa Clark, cookbook author as she prepares Sheet Pan Magic (chicken with leeks and a yogurt sauce) in this episode with food prep and leftover tips provided along the way @ Caveat! Raw milk is used in the yogurt sauce. Recipes @ Other recipes/episodes include salmon, eggs and a salad.