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Groceries…they are chock full of news!

Posted by: on Saturday March 11, 2023

by Ellen Schuster, MS


A lot is happening at grocery stores (when is it not?). Interesting new observation…shoppers increasingly turn to discount grocers and stores that sell food along with other merchandise (

And a first…double produce bucks available online, the latest about high food prices, new products on the shelves and more.

What grocers are doing…

NY grocer is the first to have Double Up Food Bucks produce benefit online (

Wegmans accepts online SNAP EBT w/free delivery for 3 orders and a filter to find eligible items (

Publix 1st Hunger Summit highlights food waste, food insecurity and distributes food bank grants (

ShopRite joins other retailers with dietary filters for e-commerce (

See where Walmart has drone delivery: be aware the drone delivery has a 10-lb. limit and must fit a box the size of about 2 loaves of bread; the top 5 items most requested by drone last year were food items (

Kroger expands digital farmers market (

Fresh Market debuts shoppable videos (

DoorDash sees growth with groceries (

adds Aldi (

What supermarkets do with your data – monetize it!


High grocery prices…

Guess who’s pushing back on high grocery prices? Walmart, Target, Whole Foods and Albertson’s (

Food companies different strategies on 2023 food prices: some will increase them, others say they won’t (

no slowdown on 2023 Nestle food price increases (

Map of egg prices across the U.S. updated hourly (

Shoppers’ comments about shrinkinflation (

On the shelves/at checkout…

Canned Wendy’s chili to be on grocery shelves in 2023 (

Hostess’ new cake (a mashup of cake and candy) comes in mini and regular size (

FDA approves limited health claim for cocoa but it’s pretty wordy (

Kellogg’s redesign of 4 cereal food packages to help visually impaired


California city is the 2nd (Berkeley did in 2020) requiring grocers remove/replace less healthy foods at checkout for healthier options starting July 1

( .

Reactions to FDA’s proposed ‘healthy’ label (  and


The grocer evolves…

Grocers take on their own e-commerce, move away from Instacart


Order groceries and nearby fast food seamlessly?


More electronic shelf labels – hint: it’s not only for inventory control


The evolving grocery experience ( ;

photos of how groceries have changed since the 1900s (

Every grocer offers self-checkout…not Trader Joe’s ( . Find your next specialty store…at a mall? (

Smaller stores at/near college campuses ( . Ethnic grocers redefining online grocery shopping with shoppable content (

Interesting reading…

Whole Foods leaves a Colorado neighborhood and questions linger (

Getting groceries in remote Alaska (

Prefilled grocery lists lead to significantly healthier choices for those with/at risk for type 2 diabetes


Functional salt and pepper? (

PepsiCo eyes ways to add snacks like potato and tortilla chips to meal prep (