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‘Ghost Kitchens’ have nothing to do with Halloween

Posted by: on Thursday September 12, 2019 PizzaKitchen

This post first appeared in the Sept. 12, 2019, issue of the SNEB eCommunicator.

No, a ghost kitchen isn’t a Halloween-related thing. Ghost/virtual/cloud/dark kitchens are delivery-only restaurants which may include a walk-in restaurant and/or online-only restaurants. It’s the next iteration of food delivery or, as one article below states, the WeWork of kitchens where space is shared to prepare food for delivery. Enter if you dare…

**Are cloud kitchens the next evolution of food delivery? This concept could disrupt food delivery AND groceries, too. Uber, Google and Amazon have invested in this concept which means WATCH CLOSELY. More @ https://www.retailwire.com/discussion/are-cloud-kitchens-the-next-evolution-of-food-delivery/

**A rare glimpse into the sweeping – and potentially troubling – cloud kitchen trend @ https://techcrunch.com/2019/06/28/a-rare-glimpse-into-the-sweeping-and-potentially-troubling-cloud-kitchens-trend/ notes that many in this space are fast food brands, thus, not necessarily high in diet quality.

**FDA and shared kitchen requirements as well as differences between ghost kitchens and shared kitchens @ https://www.fdareader.com/blog/tag/ghost+kitchen. Still in its infancy, note that terms are evolving.

**Ghost kitchen growth continues and some examples across the country @ https://fesmag.com/features/foodservice-news/16723-ghost-restaurants


The All Sides podcast (Ohio State University) provides an interview with a New York Times technology reporter in the first 14 minutes of this episode @ https://radio.wosu.org/post/tech-tuesday-delivery-apps-and-restaurants


Food delivery stats @ https://www.statista.com/topics/1986/food-delivery-industry-in-the-us/ note that a Nov. 2016 found 20% of respondents order food delivery at least once a week.

Finally…better food choices when ordering food delivery

As one online article notes, peer pressure when ordering food online may influence some to make unhealthy food choices. How to order delivery when you’re trying to be healthy @ https://spoonuniversity.com/lifestyle/how-to-order-delivery-when-youre-trying-to-be-healthy goes through many ethnic cuisines you can order for delivery and offers some better choices.