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Foodie Podcasts and More

Posted by: on Tuesday May 15, 2018 phone and earphones

Article originally appears in the May 10 issue of the SNEB eCommunicator.

As nutritionists we talk a lot about food…to people, to groups. Sometimes we conduct a food demo and could use some ‘patter’ to keep the audience interested. Or maybe we want to keep current on new cookbooks or food trends. Podcasts to the rescue! The Splendid Table and The Sporkful are two podcasts that have been around awhile but here are some ‘new’ podcasts you may not have heard of. Some are ‘expert-driven,’ others are entertainment. Look for them on the podcast app of your choice. Remember, if you are looking for info on a particular food, search your podcast app using that food term. Happy listening!


Inside Julia’s Kitchen (The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Heritage Radio Network)
Interviews with up-and-comers in the food world.

A Taste of the Past (Heritage Radio Network)
Linda Pelaccio is a culinary historian and she takes you through food history.

Eat Your Words (Heritage Radio Network)
Interviews with food-related authors – cookbooks including cookbooks representing different cultures, memoirs, food policy, food history and more.

Cookery by the Book
Interviews with cookbook authors and discussion about selected recipes in the cookbook that the podcast host has prepared.

The pod’s tagline: ‘Looks at food through the lens of science and history.’

Gravy (Southern Foodways Alliance)
A look at the changing American South through Southern cuisine.

Hungry Squared
According to the hots, talk ‘where the belly and brain meet.’ Food history, science and the design of food.

Why We Eat What We Eat (Blue Apron)
From the folks at the meal delivery service, a look at food trends, foods and more.

Spilled Milk
Take 2 people, some comedy and add a topic or food like Thai curry.

FoodStuff (How Stuff Works)
A look at foods we eat and the science behind them.

Cook with Me
A home cooking podcast. Instead of subscribing to a meal kit delivery service, the host says, Listen to this podcast! Each podcast guides you through the food preparation steps of a recipe. There’s an accompanying website that provides nutrition info. Note: In the episode I listened to it would have been nice to remind listeners of substitutions such as low sodium soy sauce.


Bite (Mother Jones)
A mash-up of politics, science, and pop culture with interviews of writers, farmers, scientists, and chefs.

Today, Explained (Vox)
Each day a different current issue is explained. The April 27, 2018 episode is about recent proposed SNAP changes and history of food stamps. Look for the title: Oh, SNAP! (21 minutes)

The Racist Sandwich
Food, race, class, gender. This podcast viewpoint: food can be political. You’ll hear perspectives you may not have heard before.