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Food and health in the news

Posted by: on Saturday April 22, 2023

Much is happening in food and health news and a report about misinformation and science education has two nutrition examples: critical thinking and how to assess websites; full report in English & Spanish ( .

Food and health…

FDA proposal would let companies use salt substitutes in products with standards of identity that include salt

Target launches line of customized protein blend .

Albertsons expands health benefits card acceptance – cards include food as prescription benefits and pre-paid cards provided by Medicare Advantage plans

Natural Grocers offers personalized shopping with on-site free nutritional health coaches at select locations . More info

Hy-Vee offers free A1c screenings thru April; launches virtual program in May

Instacart joins ‘food as medicine’ with virtual food pharmacies

Products/trends at recent Natural Products West Expo include a focus on functional and more

more products/trends

more products exhibited


Half of the world to be obese or overweight by 2023

Trends in lean diabetes for U.S. adults, 2015 – 2020 .

Oh, Ozempic…

Life on Ozempic: what it’s like; and another . WW buys Sequence, a telehealth platform with docs who prescribe drugs such as Ozempic ; listen to a conversation with the WW CEO as she talks explains how Sequence works – about 9:40 in through 48 Ozempic easy to get online

Update on overweight & obesity meds

In all the Ozempic news, muscle loss has been forgotten

Another weight-loss drug on the horizon . The satiety index…foods that make you feel fuller like Ozempic(

Other food-related health news…

Some say Starbucks’ olive oil infused coffee cause stomach problems; there are reasons for these side effects .

It’s hard to pinpoint the cause of your food poisoning

Red meat allergy caused by ticks

Interesting SM resource…Social media is the new search engine – find stats, how to optimize each platform and review webinar presentation slides