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Food (and Drink) in All the (Wrong) Places

Posted by: on Monday February 12, 2018 college students

Several years ago while in a shoe store I noticed a beverage vending machine near the cash register. I began to see food and/or drink vending machines in places I wouldn’t have expected such as Best Buy. Here are some other places food and drink is popping up (hint: not all examples are vending machines)…

Where are the best places to locate vending machines?
**According to the Vending Group blog, apartment communities and auto shops.
**And bowling alleys
**And car repair shops, salons, hardware stores

Come to shop, find vending machines
A struggling Virginia mall replaces storefronts with vending machines

Would you like clothing with your food purchase?
**Guess who’s going to sell groceries? Kohl’s! Apparently they will be leasing space in their stores to food retailers.
**Nordstrom restaurants and coffee cafes
**Urban Outfitters has a bar and a barbecue restaurant
**More on ‘experience retail’ spurred by millennial shopping habits

Would you like a sofa with your meatballs?
IKEA and Swedish meatballs @ their restaurant and bistro

Come for the dinner, buy something else.
A California restaurant is offering home goods on display for purchase. Why you ask? Well apparently the owner observed Hong Kong customers on their phones while eating and thought…let them do some buying online while they wait for their meal. More examples of food in retail spaces? Snack bars near dressing rooms.


Article originally appears in the February 1, 2018 issue of the SNEB eCommunicator.