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Ellen Blog: Buying food/health in the news

Posted by: on Sunday February 18, 2024

By Ellen Shuster, MS

As always, buying food and health is in the news: high grocery/fast food prices, the status of the Kroger-Albertsons merger, the latest in gamification, a podcast looking at weight and health and a video about how more than one industry might be disrupted by weight loss drugs. And just in, an interesting article about how cocoa prices may change what we see on the chocolate shelf.

Buying food

  • Biden administration gets in the middle of high grocery prices READ MORE>

Fast food: $3 for 1 hash brown?

  • Customers push back against McDonald’s prices READ MORE>
  • How much should a Big Mac cost? READ MORE>
  • Del Taco hot on Taco Bell’s heels READ MORE>


  • Status of Kroger Albertsons merger – it was expected to happen early in 2024 but could be pushed to August READ MORE> 
  • Grocers expanding to become one-stop shopping destination READ MORE>
  • Dollar General increases number of stores w/fresh produce READ MORE>


Customer rewards:

  • Instacart plans to gamify their smart carts by offering rewards READ MORE>
  • Ibotta to offer rewards w/independent grocers READ MORE>



  • Italy allows use of insect flour READ MORE>
  • McDonald’s to open 1,000 outlets in China in 2024 READ MORE>


  • The confusing world of THC edibles: what parents need to know READ MORE>
  • Soda made with hemp to debut in most states READ MORE>


  • Arby’s Foundation wipes out student debt for over 7,000 READ MORE>

The Atlantic diet:

  • what is it?, new study outlines benefits READ MORE>


  • Chasing Life podcast w/Dr. Sanjay Gupta focuses on what our weight means for our health including an interview w/the WW CEO and a look at weight loss drugs READ MORE>
  • Mom asks those buying Girl Scout cookies to not talk about dieting READ MORE>
  • How disruptive drugs like Ozempic could be to the food industry, fitness and more: 3 1/2 minute video WATCH NOW>