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Editorial: Proud to Have Served SNEB and JNEB

Posted by: and on Wednesday December 7, 2022

I’m taking this opportunity to thank the many people who have supported me in my tenure as your Editor-in-Chief, as this is my last editorial before retirement. Bittersweet, definitely, as I have grown professionally and personally through my associations with so many talented and kind individuals. I know they will pass this forward to my successor, Dr. Lauren Haldeman, as she assumes the role of Editor-in-Chief in 2023.

First, to my right-hand women and men who have served as Associate Editors and Editorial Assistants. Yes, I overworked you, but I never under-valued you. Your scholarship has helped to lead JNEB, its authors, and reviewers to higher levels of nutrition education and behavior science. Your compassion and resilience, especially during the pandemic, continued to support me, each other, and the hundreds of authors trying to carry on. Platinum stars for you all!

My managing editorial team has been my motor, keeping me and JNEB running, usually on time and efficiently. During each large and small crisis, through each mundane work week, with each nervous, distracted, or upset author, you have always pulled us through with grace and positivity. My sincerest thanks to all of you.

To the many, many Board of Editors, Statistical Reviewers, and ad hoc reviewers − how do you do it? We ask you, again and again, to review a manuscript, volunteer your time as you are trying to build your careers, and you step up and provide your insight and talent. Although JNEB has developed awards for you to acknowledge in some small way your contributions, it certainly is not enough.

Our publishing team at Elsevier has opened my eyes to a world of science that I had rarely considered before assuming this position. Our discussions have been lively, informative, and challenging, as I learned the nuances and strategies they have in their toolboxes to assist in the day-to-day and long-term publication of JNEB. JNEB is fortunate to have this team by its side.

The high-energy and thoughtful group that serves as JNEB’s Journal Committee can’t be acknowledged enough. So many hours they have devoted to JNEB policy and procedures, strategic planning, and capacity building that it is difficult to imagine these individuals with any “free time” at all. Know that you have had a significant part in creating JNEB.

Last but not least, to our Society, its Board of Directors, and its management crew. Of all the professional societies I have participated in over my career, this is the one that held my loyalty and captured my passion, in part because of the mission and goals, but mostly because of all of you as individuals. It is hard for an editor to say, but I believe I am at a loss for words.

I have not forgotten all of our authors and readers − may this group continue to grow globally!

Karen Chapman-Novakofski, PhD, RDN
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, Advancing Research Practice & Policy