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Critical clinical topics being covered at CMHC this year

Posted by: on Thursday May 7, 2020

As evidenced by the events of the last few months, in medicine a lot can change quite quickly. With this understanding in mind, the Cardiometabolic Health Congress is preparing to provide practitioners with in-depth and timely education that addresses the most relevant topics in cardiometabolic health today at two upcoming educational events: CMHC West and the 15th Annual Cardiometabolic Health Congress.

Taking place August 7-9 in Scottsdale, Arizona, CMHC West will provide a deep dive into the modern-day practice of cardiovascular and metabolic medicine. Participants will take a thorough look at the latest research and clinical knowledge surrounding a variety of clinical areas including obesity and lifestyle medicine, diabetes management, kidney disease, heart failure, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and more. Additionally, with topics such as Managing Type 2 Diabetes When Cost is an Issue; Excercise: A Practical Approach; and How Much Can Prevention Can A Patient Take?, participants will be guided through some of the most pressing issues concerning one of the most consequential aspects of healthcare: the effective delivery of care. On the final day of the conference, participants will be led through the Complexities in Cardiometabolic Care Summit in which a panel of CMHC Chairs consisting of the field’s clinical leaders — including past president of the American Heart Association Robert H. Eckel, MD — will provide expert insight into real-life patient cases and discuss approaches to addressing the complexity of cardiometabolic care.

On October 21-24, CMHC will host the 15th Annual Cardiometabolic Health Congress in Boston. The conference will begin with a pre-conference on the Impact of Ethnicity and Race in Cardiometabolic Health covering the implications of ethnicity and race for risk assessment and management. The conference will officially launch with a timely FDA update review, as well as a keynote presentation by the renowned clinical educator Eugene Braunwald, MD, on the Evolving Paradigms in Cardiovascular Research and Care. Additionally, the conference will provide a unique and updated look on topics such as atherosclerosis, heart failure, and more.

Led by a faculty panel of the leaders in cardiometabolic health, this year’s CMHC events will provide clinicians with direct access to the latest research and clinical knowledge directly from the source. As a partner of the Cardiometabolic Health Congress, CMHC is offering members of the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior a discount of $100 OFF each event using code Partner100 at registration.