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Congratulations and Thank You

Posted by: on Friday July 10, 2020
This is the time of year when we are normally getting ready to see everyone at annual conference, and to celebrate all the accomplishments. I first want to acknowledge JNEB’s Best Article Award authors, Morgan McCloskey, Susan L. Johnson, Traci Bekelman, Corby Martin, and Laura L. Bellows, for their article “Beyond Nutrient Intake: Use of Digital Food Photography Methodology to Examine Family Dinnertime.”1 The Best Article Award is selected by the Board of Editors and a subcommittee of the Journal Committee after reviewing all articles from the previous year. This takes a lot of time, and I want to applaud all reviewers for their commitment to this process! The corresponding author, Dr Bellows, has already presented some of the work in this paper through SNEB’s online Journal Club, but I believe she will also be available during the SNEB virtual conference. The 2 runners up for this award are Berge et al for their paper “Ecological Momentary Assessment of the Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Family Meal Environment in Racially/Ethnically Diverse and Immigrant Households” 2 and Koch et al for their paper “Food, Health, & Choices: Curriculum and Wellness Interventions to Decrease Childhood Obesity in Fifth-Graders.” 3 Well done to all authors, and congratulations! Although we won’t be there in person for photos and handshakes, I greatly admire your scholarship and am grateful you choose to publish in JNEB.
We also recognize a Best GEM paper annually. Our GEMs are brief descriptions of innovative and useful approaches to nutrition education and behavior. Innovative approaches are novel, creative, and thoughtful, generally not having been published before. The GEMs describe educational material, including brochures, curricula, videos, websites, apps, materials, or something tangible that teaches to change behavior. A GEM may also be an educational process (teaching style or venue). This year’s award goes to authors Mateja R. Savoie-Roskos, Casey Coombs, Jaqueline Neid-Avila, Jeffrey Chipman, Sara Nelson, Leslie Rowley, and Heidi LeBlanc, for their paper “Create Better Health: A Practical Approach to Improving Cooking Skills and Food Security.” 4 The runner up for this award was Shriver et al for their paper entitled “Moving On!: A Transition Program for Promoting Healthy Eating and an Active Lifestyle Among Student-Athletes After College.” 5
Usually during annual conference, we also recognize our Platinum, Gold, and Silver authors. These are authors who have continued to publish in JNEB over the previous 10 years with more than 10, 8 to 10, or at least 7 articles. We thank these authors for their loyalty to JNEB as well as their great scholarship! Please visit our Web site ( to view the list of names, and I am sure there will be some form of visual recognition during conference.
The editors and I will be hosting a webinar/virtual program concerning issues in publishing. If you are a new author or more seasoned, there is always something new in publishing, or something to be remembered before submission. Our panel will address issues such as authorship guidelines, data sharing, replicationor redundancy, conflicts of interest, and best practices in selecting references to support your statements. As always, the webinar will be recorded for future listening or class use.
In addition, the editors and I will be hosting virtual Rapid Reviews where you can sign up and spend a few minutes discussing your manuscripts directly with 1 of the editors.
Hope to “see you” there.
This editorial was originally published in the July 2020 issue (Vol. 52, Issue 7) of the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.