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Celebrating the History of SNEB

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The 2017 SNEB Annual Conference is 100 days away! This year’s conference will be SNEB’s 50th annual meeting. In recognition of this milestone, the Conference will celebrate the first meeting of the Society’s founders in 1967 in Berkeley, California which led to the formation of the Society for the purpose of publishing the Journal of Nutrition Education.

In 1968, Dr. George M. Briggs founded and became the first President of SNE. There were four other co-founders of SNE, who were also the first board members and signed the founding documents along with Dr. Briggs. They were Dr. Ruth Huenemann, University of California at Berkeley School of Public Health Nutrition; Dr. George Stewart, University of California at Berkeley School for Food Science, Institute of Food Technologies; Dr. Gaylord Whitlock, University of California Cooperative Extension Service and Agriculture; and Helen Walsh, American Dietetic Association, Bureau of Nutrition, California State Health Department. Appointed by these founding board members was Helen Ullrich as SNE’s first Executive Manager.

In the Story of SNE, written by Helen Ullrich and published in 1992, Ruth Huenemann states, “I recall the day the society was born. Five of us were sitting around the coffee table in Morgan Hall lounge on the Berkeley campus. We had been discussing the new Journal of Nutrition Education just launched through the efforts of Helen Ullrich and George Briggs. We all felt that the journal needed corporation backing. ‘What does it take to form a society?’ somebody asked. “One hundred dollars,” replied George. Almost automatically each of us put a 20-dollar-bill on the table. A new society was born!”

What began with five passionate professionals as an effort to promote sound nutrition education, research and training continues today as a 1,000 member world-wide organization with the same mission. Who you might meet at the 50th annual conference and what dream might be realized from a conversation or collaboration?

Image caption: SNEB 25th Annual Conference attendees.

Conference Details:

The SNEB 50th Annual Conference begins with Pre-Conference sessions and the opening Golden Anniversary Celebration on Thursday, July 20, with the opening keynote on Friday, July 21. The final Conference session is on Sunday, July 23 at 5:15 p.m. with Post-Conference activities to follow on Monday, July 24.  Learn More