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Call for Authors for Position Paper on Kids’ Food

Posted by: on Friday November 11, 2016

SNEB/JNEB are calling for authors for a proposed SNEB position paper concerning “kids’ food” both from a marketing and advertising perspective as well as conceptually and practically as served by restaurants and parents.

Containing extensive background information and analysis, the position paper provides a more complete understanding of the issues and the reason behind the positions(s) set forth by the organization. Position papers are expected to be well referenced and unbiased.

Potential authors will be selected by the SNEB JNEB Position Paper Committee, which is comprised of the SNEB President elect, one past President of SNEB, SNEB member at large, ACPP chair, one Associate Editor of JNEB, and the Editor in Chief.  The committee will work with potential authors to create a timeline. The position paper will be submitted through the JNEB submission/review process. The final paper will receive SNEB BOD approval before publication.

Each person wanting to be considered as an author for this position paper should email the following to Karen Chapman-Novakofski, PhD, RDN and Marilyn Briggs, PhD, RD, SNS, before January 30, 2017.

Please send your CV along with the following in your cover letter:

  • A synopsis of why you are qualified to author a paper on this topic in terms of your expertise
  • A synopsis of how or why you feel you can represent SNEB
  • Acknowledgment that the manuscript will go through a peer review process through JNEB and an approval process by the SNEB BOD
  • A listing of authors you would prefer to work with, if known
  • Whether you are an SNEB member (required for lead author)
  • A commitment to spend time on the development of this paper within a mutually agreed upon timeline.
  • An acknowledgment of any conflicts of interest.