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2019…What Will We See on Shelves and Other Food-Related Trends

Posted by: on Wednesday December 12, 2018

Article originally published in the December 6, 2018 issue of the SNEB eCommunicator.

Much like seeing holiday decorations this time of year, get ready for a slew of food trends to look for in 2019. The question is, which trends will truly take hold in 2019? Some repeating trends in the articles below are plant-based, fermented products, new flavors (African, Japanese, Filipino), continued evolution of meal kits, cannabis/THC foods and more. Enjoy!

Cleaner, fresher and more exotic foods the trend for 2019 – exotic foods such as a sweet and spicy Korean salad kit

What will we be drinking in 2019? (Learn a new word – nootropic beverages -drinks that improv brain performance may be big as well as functional waters – think protein water and others)

2018/2019 flavor trends – includes floral, herbal, botanical and Japanese

Foods you may see in the supermarket/at convenience stores
**Trends from Kroger which include gut-healthy foods, low sugar and that continuing fav, plant-based foods.

**Whole Foods 2019 trends – includes Pacific Rim flavors and probiotics

**Specialty food association 2019 trends – look to Africa, South Asia and Latin America for 2019 and cassava

**Tyson Foods 2019 food trends – protein (again) and eating for beauty (collagen as a food ingredient)

**Food, drink trends for 2019 (trends for convenience stores from Mintel) – includes a focus on packaging and ‘on-the-go’ that won’t slow

**Trendspotting @ FNCE – products seen include plant-based and protein

Foods you may see when eating out
**2019 dining trends – bugs, bacteria and sweet derivatives from carrots, butternut squash and sweet potato

**2019 restaurant trends – a slideshow that includes dishes from former Soviet states, restaurant meal kits, sour flavors found in fermented foods and Filipino dishes

**Fast casual dining trends for 2019 – bowls, protein alternatives, fermented foods, probiotics and food transparency

**9 hottest beverage and food trends of 2019 – rotisserie chicken and watermelon seed butter!
https://www .buzztime.com/business/blog/9-hottest-beverage-and-food-trends-of-2019/