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Article originally appears in the June 7, 2018 issue of the SNEB eCommunicator.

If you’re not familiar with alternative meats it’s time! After all, White Castle recently offered one – the Impossible Burger – this past April at some locations. Before starting, here are a few terms…

**Cellular agriculture – producing agriculture products from cells in a lab
**Lab-grown meat/clean meat/cultured meat – meat produced from animal cells ‘grown’ in a lab

Background/major ‘players’ in the field
**History of the veggie burger – an interesting look at the ‘original’ alternative meat

**Clean meat: how growing meat without animals will revolutionize dinner and the world by Paul Shapiro (2018) – a new book
Here’s one review:

**Lab-grown meat (Hungry for Food Science podcast – 20 minutes)
Detailed description of the process of lab-grown meat – @ get more information. Pros and cons include the impact of lab-grown meat could have on the incomes of poor people in ag-dependent countries.

**Lab-grown meat is coming, but will you try it? (KALW, City Visions, 59 min)
Detailed discussion/call-in – one of the guests is the author of the new book, ‘Clean Meat’ (see above).

**The ‘who’s who’ and ‘what’s what’ of cultured meat
How the process works, some companies involved and two registered dietitians offer their views.

**Lab-grown meat: challenges and benefits of cellular agriculture
An in-depth look at issues around cellular agriculture including cost, decreasing the risk of some food-borne illnesses, reducing the need for pesticides and ethics.

**The Petri dish platter (Scientific American infographic)
The process of cellular agriculture in infographic form

**Plant-based meat (Beyond Meat, Impossible Burger, Memphis Meats and more!)

**Let it bleed (humanely): we taste the vegan “Impossible Burger” and “Beyond” Burgers
In-depth review of the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat including…the aroma of the raw Beyond Burger (hint: not good!)


**Beyond Meat @ Whole Foods
Beyond Meat is made of pea protein and beet pulp and debuted @ Whole Foods in 2016

**Beyond Meat debuts @ Kroger
As of July 2017, Beyond Meat was in 350 Whole Foods, 280 Safeways, 8 out of 101 BurgerFi’s and the roll-out in Kroger’s includes stores in 13 states. This article also includes a review.

**The Impossible Burger, a veggie burger made from wheat, potatoes and other ingredients, debuted at White Castle in April 2018 at some locations in New York, New Jersey and Chicago. The verdict? The article @ shares some pics and reviews.


**How do you know your lab-grown burger is safe to eat?
Good question…the government lags behind regulatory needs.

**FDA safety concerns
In-depth look at food safety concerns and the Impossible Burger.

**Safety of lab meat
More on food safety specifically GMO concerns and concerns about heme.

**Dr. Marion Nestle weighs in and shares the ingredient lists for the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger


**FSIS comment period regarding ‘clean meat’ labeling ended May 17, 2018 but here’s more about it.

**Missouri bill would prohibit ‘meat’ label on lab-grown meat

**One ranking member of a sub-committee call’s for GAO review of regulations around lab-grown meats


After searching online in early June 2018, I found 1 San Francisco restaurant selling the Impossible Burger for $16. The White Castle slider was priced at $1.99. Beyond Burger sells four 2-ounce patties for $5.99 (almost twice the cost of beef/ounce).