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Text to shop, buy now, pay later for groceries…oh my!

Posted by: on Wednesday November 10, 2021

Food is increasingly easier to access with online shoppable content, Walmart’s testing of text to shop and other developments. In one example, some neighborhoods are being charged less than the same food available in other locations. Changes are quick, disruptive and before we know it, part of the new norm.

Frictionless food shopping

Variable pricing; buy now, pay later (BNPL) for groceries

Food available 24/7

Have a craving? Need an ingredient? Food is ubiquitous.

Social media influences/loyalty programs

Social media influences our food choices, sometimes not positively.

Filter foods online by dietary preferences

This online grocery site filters (over 90 preferences) for selected retailers. This RDN helped Sifter Shop develop nutrition filters driven by the evidence-base.

Finding plant-based products in-store/online

If it’s hard finding plant-based products in the grocery store/online it’s because not all grocers market plant-based the same. A recent survey found that plant-based meat alternatives sell 23% better when placed next to their counterparts. Yet not all grocers place them in the meat section. One grocer places one plant-based product with meats and another in its plant-based section. About 90% of retailers place Just Eggs next to chicken eggs. Target uses an icon to identify plant-based foods in both the physical and digital space.

The future?

Connected TV (CTV) increasing as a way to reach viewers with shoppable content and more.