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Schuster’s blog: Food/health in the news

Posted by: on Friday June 30, 2023

The latest…from poor air quality affecting outdoor activity to foods and our quest for sleep. This interesting article about readability has implications for reading info on phones/screens: fonts change your reading speed (increase it by 35% on a screen in a recent study) but also change how you’re perceived; ‘bad’ fonts can make it hard to recognize words; when you read small text on a phone the difference in height between capital and lowercase letters is important. Note: in the article you can change the font style and perform different reading experiments with different different fonts ( Link to Readability Matters tool which allows you to change many characteristics of text to see differences (

Physical activity…

This summer share a new message: outdoor exercise and wildfires ( An online tool to map air quality in the U.S. ( How does your city rate with regard to access to parks? Trust for the Public Land’s 2023 ParkScore ratings (; webinar about the ParkScore (


Different countries’ trajectory of obesity rates (1975 – 2015) and more ( The AMA says BMI as a metric has done harm  (; one response ( Weight loss drugs: manufacturer hires lobbying firm to push for Medicare coverage (; new experimental obesity drug results mid-trial (; how much are Americans willing to pay for weight loss drugs? ( Do Asian Americans need different diabetes screening guidelines? (


Plant-based & dairy-based nutrition profiles compared (; ( Kraft’s plant-based cheese slices on shelves ( Consumer Reports finds some heavy metals baby foods have declined but some still contain heavy metals (( Costco’s mango smoothie has no added sugar and a low price point! Yet some don’t like the color or texture

( Muscle Milk protein powder moves beyond the gym to an ingredient in coffee, baked goods, ice cream  ( Food-as-medicine: Uber Health to deliver groceries to patients of provider networks (; Fresh Connect expands prepaid food prescription grocery network

(; Feed by Farmbox: free produce for 6 months for those affected by SNAP decreased allotments in 32 states for limited time ( Cost of food: Dollar Tree’s next price point move is to $3, $4, $5 ( fruit/veggie prices increased only 0.6% ( SNAP: DoorDash adds SNAP to its app (; with Alaska SNAP recipients now able to order groceries online, SNAP grocery e-commerce is nationwide (; online SNAP goes from 35,000 in 2020 to almost 4 million in 2022; SNAP good for independent grocers ( Food deserts: 2021 report found the USDA food desert map doesn’t include non-profit grocery stores, farmers markets and local gardens (; how do non-profit grocery stores work? (; ( FSIS plans to ask for more  documentation for claims on meat/poultry about how animals are raised/no antibiotics  ( FDA testing FOP nutrition labels (; submit comments by July 17th about the collection of information ( USDA approves first cell-cultivated chicken (; neither company has kosher/halal certification ( Can’t sleep? Food companies take note with night-time snacks and sleep-inducing ingredients (

My review of ‘indulgence’ for breakfast…

It’s not yogurt – it’s cultured crème fraiche – but it’s in the yogurt aisle ( Talk about shrinkinflation…I paid $1.79 for 4 oz. (compared to $1 on sale for a 5.3 oz. ‘regular’ yogurt). For such a small serving it’s high in calories, sugars (total and added) and low in protein. I tried one flavor and my response: meh. Hard pass.